Never Forget

Oh, my god

Of light,

I see everything in you,

Your high praise sends me

In a wrapped box,

A little grid so close

To the static – filled


That asphodel sings its silent prayer

Into hope, tyranny and sincere

Apologies volatile in head rest.

I see the little heads bopping and bouncing

Over a mountain wide range,

Singing along in harmony

To Apollo's major string.

The cord is cut,

Letting a secret word slide,

That everything here,

Is a ghost of misfortune,

Whispers to the sun in sync,

Not letting us forget

That the master of light

Is always near,

Telling the sun to always shine,

Chirping at the birds to never slow down,

And telling the trees to stop and listen

To the humming prayers of an animal in white,

So he tells the animal in gloss

Never to stop believing,

Letting the trees keep swaying,

The mind so full,

And the little heads bobbing

As they pierce another soul,

Looking inside for a glooming thought of praise,

To find it full with so many words,

Words of a light statue,

Buzzing along an empty road,

Listening to the static roar.