The story

There is a story

Of a boy and a girl

The boy two years older

The girl just starting high school

Discovering the world.

She was completely alone

He decide to change this

They were like puzzle pieces

That fit together perfectly

After being lost for years

They completed each other

But they didn't know this

Didn't realize it at first, anyway

As they grew closer

They started to find out

Find out that they needed each other

Then, catastrophe struck

The pieces shattered

But it didn't last

The pieces drifted back together

Clinging to each other for dear life

His little angel

Her knight shining armor

This is when they discovered

That this was meant to be

They lasted a long time after this

It was almost too good to be true

It was

Catastrophe struck again

This time, it came with a stroke of finality

Never to be repaired again

The knight in shining armor has moved on

Found another puzzle piece he thinks fits

While his little angel has fallen

Fallen from the stars

And he doesn't even care

So tell me

Do you think the story's over

Or has it just begun?