"You blast off in 5-4-3-2-1!!!" said a voice of the radio.

"Blast off!!!" yelled Commander Mac as the space craft blasted off.

The trip was underway.

"I can't wait!" said Captain Bee, "I wonder what's on Io?"

"I don't know," said Captain Lexi, "But I bet it's yellow."

"No, "said Mac, "It'll be orange."

The navigator, and mapmaker, Jack sighed, "Who cares what color it is?"

"I do!" said Mac and Lexi, together.

Jack shook his head, rolled his eyes, and went back to looking at his map.

Bee was absolutely glued to the window of the shuttle. "Look! We just passed Mars!"

"Wasn't Mars a Greek God or something?" asked Colin, the expedition's geologist.

"No," said Lyle, the engineer, "I am… It is all about me, you know."

"Yeah, we know," said Lexi, "you only tell us this every day."

"We should touch down on Io in approximately two hours," said Gilligan, who was the pilot.

"What do you expect us to do until then?" whined Colin.

"Five minutes until touch down," updated Gilligan, "We are currently passing Jupiter."

The other six rushed to a window to look at the giant planet.

Lyle moved away from the window, and started to dig through his bag. He pulled out a pink notebook.

"What's that?" asked Colin.

"My diary."


Lyle opened the book and began to write.

"Dude," he said, to no one in particular, "How do you spell 'Io'?"

Everyone turned around and stared at him.

Finally, Colin said, "How do you expect me to know?"

Then, at that moment, they landed on the surface of Io, which, ironically, is spelled with an I and an O.

A half an hour later, the seven space explorers ventured out onto the surface of Io. They had all of the equipment to do their respective jobs, except for Lyle. He had nothing but a CD player.

They wandered around the around on the surface for about an hour without finding anything unusual.

Colin went ahead of everyone else. One minute he was walking in front of them, and the next he was nowhere to be seen, however, he could be heard.

"OWWWWWWWW!!!" he roared.

Mac ran over, she couldn't afford to lose one of her crew. "What happened?"

"Something tripped me!"

Mac looked around. There, sitting by Colin was a neatly folded pair of pants.

The others had caught up by now. They looked around and saw pants for as far as their eyes could see.

Bee went up to Colin, who was still rolling on the ground, clutching his ankle, and said, "Hello, my name is Bee. I'm trained in First Aid. I do not wish to help you."

"I don't need First Aid!" yelled Colin.

"Good," said Bee, as she wandered off to look at a pair of pants a few feet away.

"Why do you think they're here?" asked Lexi.

"I don't know," said Lyle, "but I really don't care."

"Poke… poke… poke… poke… poke…" Bee was kneeling next to a pair of pants, and for reasons unknown, was poking them.

Lyle was utterly bored. He took out his CD player, popped in his Swan Lake sound track, turned up the volume all the way, and put on his headphones…

The pairs of pants that Colin had tripped over twitched. Then, they started to unfold.

The crew backed away slowly.

The pants stood up. They were huge, perhaps nine feet tall! The other pairs of pants began to rise, too.

Then, all of a sudden, the pants began to, well… dance.

Yes, the pants were in fact, dancing. A million pairs of nine foot tall pairs of pants were dancing to Lyle's ballet CD. They were very graceful, for being so big. They leaped and spinned perfectly.

Lyle stopped his CD, and stared.

At the same moment, the pants froze for a moment. Then they started to advance on the crew.

"Lyle, play your music again!" yelled Lexi, "That seemed to charm them or something."

Lyle did as he was told. Immediately, the pants began to dance again.

"So," asked Jack, "what are we going to call this place? Grove of the Dancing Pants?"