Giving Up


With your "I just want to help" attitude

You told me that my standards were ever so high

And I should just give someone a chance.

More than once I've been told that

I'm in love with the idea of being in love

And I can't deny it because I desire it

With every aching pulse of my idle heart.

And is it wrong if I don't settle for a make-do romance? –

I want the one.

I want my fairy tale –

Or is that too much to ask?


Maybe, I'm just afraid...

And can you blame me?

I want something pure and perfect

Not the lonely and loveless tragedy of my parents.


Whenever someone tugs on my heartstrings

My fight or flight instinct kicks in and


Flight takes the lead...

But you told me to give someone a chance

And I did...

I found my spark of hope in you.

A roll-with-the-punches, "ladies first" kind of guy,

You're one of my best friends –

It would have made too good of a story anyway

(Or perhaps just too good for me).


So why shouldn't I be afraid?

If whenever I pull back my defenses

I get shot down,

What incentive do I have to ever open up?

Why shouldn't I just keep waiting

For my Prince Charming?

Hiding has its disadvantages but at least

My naïve dreams don't hurt me.


So here I am,

Once again sitting broken-hearted

In front of this mercifully neutral computer screen,

Talking to you about her and

You have no idea that I'm just giving up.