You foolish girl,Stop lying
You're a perfect doll already
With your blonde hair,
Pink bows,
Such a pretty princess
With an upturned nose...
So why are you trying
To become what he's like
By lifting your expectations
To want what you can't have
So that you're never happy; always sad.
Innocent, ignorant baby gurl
Eating all the sweets that he gave you
Just to run to the bathroom and hurl
Because he likes you





But b r i m m i n g
With those chocolate cupcakes he loves to make
And he almost loves you,
But everytime he says it, you smile
And he likes you more when you're sad
Because it makes him feel more like a man
So to hear him say it again,
You have to pretend
But silly child,
Don't you know
That to get those bloodshot eyes he likes
You have to really cry.