White, that was all that surrounded him, white power that seemed to pulse with caring, and an underlying pain. He wanted to reach out and take away the pain, and then bask in the caring love. Him, the one they called the killer mage, the black mage, the blood mage. But none of that mattered, all that mattered was the white power, and the person that seemed to float in the centre of it. He moved closer, he could just barely make out the figure of a woman, he had to get closer to see. He wanted to see the face of such an angel, to be able to see the one that gave off such feelings.

He was ripped from the dream when a hand shook him.

"Sir, sir please wake up, a message has come in from Pylus."

He disentangled himself from his cot and quickly threw of some clothes. His attire was always the same. The same black pants, black shirt with silver stitching, black gloves, black boots, black cloak. His appearance was known to all, so much so that as soon as he entered a city people either ran away or sowed reverence to him, depending on their loyalties. He stepped outside, the guards at his tent bowed and he sneered. He had refused the guards, but the king had insisted. After all, who wanted to loose their most ruthless mage to a sneak attack? Not that Skye was about to be taken so easily, but the king seemed to disagree, and so the guards were there.

He stepped into the main tent and all conversation immediately stopped. He sighed inwardly, all these people were scared of him, with good reason too, the only person he had ever met that wasn't at least a little afraid of him was Niro, but Niro was currently out on a mission, so Skye was left to converse with simpering fools.

"What is the message?"

"The king wants us to send someone into Riluo to kill the head mage there."

"Riluo huh? What's so amazing about that tiny city?"

"Sir, apparently the head mage in Riluo is extremely powerful."

Skye sighed.

"Very well. Send Millus and Riko in. It should be an easy job for them."

"Yes sir, we'll dispatch them right away."

"Good. Anything else?"

"N-no sir."

Skye nodded his head and left the tent, returning to his own. He sighed, now that he was awake he was never going to be able to get back to sleep, he would never recapture that dream that seemed so real.

"Still staring at the night sky I see. You know, if people knew that the fearsome blood mage spent hours just staring at the sky they might not be so scared of you."

"Well then, it's a good thing only one person knows that information."

"Oh? Why is that?"

"That way if the information ever got out I'd know who to kill."

There was a laugh.

"Ah, you never cease to amuse me Skye."

"Welcome back Niro. Was the mission a success?"

"In a way I suppose. I found out some more information on the stone, but not the stone itself."

"Not surprising, still, I had hoped it would be in its place or origin."

"If we had been about eighteen years sooner we might have gotten it."

Skye laughed, the sound had dark rolling thunder imbedded in it, poison dripped from the sound.

"Now, now Niro, you and I both know we wouldn't have been old enough, we would have been what? Six? Hardly old enough to find a stone such as that. Still, what did you find?"

Niro laughed again.

"I think you would have gone in search of it even then if you had known of it. However, according to the old man who felt that a few more seconds of life was worth the information he had to give, the stone was considered a thing of great evil."

"We know this, which is precisely why I want it."

Niro laughed again.

"Calm down Skye, let a man tell his story before you jump in. Anyway, they had sent the stone away in the town's early years, but it eventually found it's way back into the village. It was around the same time that a child with immense power was born."

"So? That's not that unusual, look at me and you."

"No, not quite, besides, while you may have an unlimited amout of magic, I have my limits. However, this child had probably as much as you, and, as you know, those born with so much magic are feared, but the child's magic was pure, and the village head mage felt that he could find a solution to both problems. You see, the child's magic outweighed the darks tone's by just a little, so he imbedded the dark stone into the child's forehead. The child's white magic held the stone's evil magic in check. And also, because of the immense amount of magic needed to do so the child's magic appeared to be almost nothing."

"Great, so all we have to do is look for some kid that has a stone imbedded in their forehead and thinks they have almost no magic."

"Not exactly, the stone isn't visible and apparently the head mage didn't have enough power to perform the spell properly, so the child had flares of immense magic at times. It would appear that in times of great emotional strain the child's magic forgets about the stone and lashes out. Normal that wouldn't be so much of a problem, but in that time the stone is also free to act through the child's body. Apparently the other villagers feared the child so much that they cast it out."

"So we have no idea where this child is now?"

"No, nor do we know the sex of the child, the old man wouldn't tell me that, apparently his fear of both the child and the stone were to great."

"Then he greatly misjudged our capabilities, we will find that child, kill it, and take the stone."

"Ah Skye, always so bloody, can't you see the potential?"

Skye laughed.

"Perhaps not, so please, enlighten me my friend."

"The child was scorned, so chances are that he or she resents the world, if they have that kind of power imagine what we could do if we turned them to our side. And we wouldn't have to worry all that much if they didn't like our plan, after all, from what I gathered, you still have far more power than the child."

Skye laughed.

"I wouldn't be worried about a child, however, I do hate searching through useless mages until we find the right one, it sounds so time consuming."

Niro laughed and patted Skye's shoulder.

"We do have some things to go on, they will be eighteen years of age, appear to have low levels of magic and will most likely be traumatized."

Skye laughed, bitterness laced through his laugh.

"Come now Niro, there are probably hundreds of mages that fit those criteria."

Niro sighed.

"I know, I tried to get some more information at to where they sent the child but nothing came up. I left Kamari behind to see if she could find any other information, she tends to find things that 'others' wouldn't."

Skye winced.

"I despise that woman."

Niro laughed.

"Oh come now Skye, only the black mage would detest a woman that throws herself at him so much."

"Don't remind me, I'll have nightmares."

"So the blood mage has nightmares? And here I thought he only inflicted them."

Skye grinned devilishly.

"Who says I inflict nightmares?"

"Why, I'm surprised you haven't heard some of the men scream out your name in terror in their sleep."

"Ah, yes, now that you mention it, I do have some delectable memories of such happenings, but it hasn't happened as often lately, perhaps I'm going soft."

"Hardly. No, it's just because we haven't had a battle in a while."

Skye smirked.

"Ah, so that's it, oh well, the way things are heading we should have another battle soon enough."

"Naturally, that is after all, why they call it war. But no matter, come, even the black mage must get some sleep. You can't stare at the stars forever my friend."

"I suppose, still, one can never recapture the sleep they were woken from."

"Of course not, now come, you may not need to sleep but I do."

They both got up and walked towards the army encampment. When Skye got back to his tent he lay on the cot until he fell into a restless sleep that was filled with pulsing white light.

It was the same white light as before, it caressed him, made him feel wanted. How strange that he should feel wanted for something other than his magic. He moved closer to the woman in the centre of the white light, he got closer than he had the last time he had been there. He could now see silver hair that seemed to create a halo around her head, but still, she was shrouded in the white light, he had to get closer to see her properly. He was ripped from the dream once again my someone shaking him.

"Sir, they say it's urgent that you go to the command tent immediately sir."

He wanted to rend flesh, to paint the tent in red, how dare the man rip him from such a perfect dream. Skye calmed himself and rose, realising that he had fallen asleep in his clothes from the previous night. He threw on his cloak and followed the man to the command tent, when he got inside he saw worried expressions on all buy Niro's face.

"What is it this time?"

The others glanced at each other and Niro sighed in exasperation.

"These fools are all worried because Millus and Riko haven't come back yet."

"So? It's only been, what? Ten hours at the most?"

One of the other occupants of the tent, a commander in the army spoke up.

"But sir, they have never taken this long before, the city is not far away, especially for two mages."

Skye sighed. He had been woken for this? He took a calming breath, if he wiped out all these people they would only be replaced with more fools.

"Very well, since you are all so worried, if they do not come back by tomorrow morning I will personally go to find them."

Niro raised an eyebrow.

"And of course Niro will accompany me. Will that appease you all?"

"Sir, yes sir, thank-you sir."

Skye wanted to kill them, the simpering fools. Instead he turned and left the tent as quickly as possible. Hopefully Millus and Riko would return, Skye didn't feel like having to rescue useless people, still, something told him he would have to do it.

Again he was basking in the white power that pulsed with warmth and love. He moved closer, wanting to see her face more than anything else in the world. He say the silver hair once again. She was coming slowly into view, slowly, so very slowly he started to see her. She was almost in view, he could barely make out a narrow face, so close.


The dream was torn away, Skye's anger boiled tot eh surface and this time he did nothing to contain it. With a small flick of power the man that had woken him was splattered across the room. There was nothing left of him, blood painted the floor and walls of the tent. Skye smiled and carefully licked away the blood that had landed on his lips. Fool, there was a reason they feared him. Never the less, the dream was gone and Skye knew what the man had come to say, especially when Niro entered his tent. Niro snorted when he saw the blood that caked every surface.

"Well, you live up to your name Skye, but still, we have to go, Millus and Riko didn't come in. Like you said, we have to go after them, as useless as they seem to be."

"Very well, I suppose we have to track them, after all, the king won't be please to find out that his nephew, Riko didn't even get an attempted rescue."

"I suppose, shall we go then Skye, or do you feel the need to kill a few more of the people on our side?"

"Come now Niro, don't tell me you're suddenly against it."

Niro laughed.

"Not at all, but I'd rather this thing take as little time as possible."

"As would I, so let's go."

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