You're The One

by, Cassandra

One day soon will be the day
when you look at me and see
that everything you knew was fake,
and finally see me as I am.

You'll find me broken,
just like I've always been.
But you never wanted to see
all the shattered pieces of me.

So now you've got a choice;
to stay or walk away.
Will you help put me back together;
or just leave me here to bleed?

Please don't shed those tears.
I need you to be strong.
Don't break down on me now.
I'm not strong enough to help.

But I have to disagree
when you say it'll be okay.
There's no crystal ball.
We know only what we see.

So just lay down for awhile
and let life pass us by.
Our problems will still be there
when we open our eyes again.

Breathe in, breathe out,
take it all in stride.
When we start to panic
is when we fall apart.

I think we'll make it through
as long as I can hold on to you.
You're the one in my dreams at night,
and you're the one who makes it all alright.