Open up the wound in my mind
Pick apart the pieces
And dissect my agony
Find its heart
My own
Stab deep in
Bleed it all out

Let the thick black sorrow
Masquerading as my lifeblood
Slowly seep out

Fill a cup with it
And pass it around
Let all drink from it
And let them see me for who I am

The first sip pain
The second rage
The third anger
The fourth despair
The fifth hopelessness
The sixth misery

And now comes the hate

Life teeters to one side
And balance is lost
As I drown in toxic emotion

It crawls up my legs and out of my eyes
Tearing new ways to hurt in my soul
Opening up a whole new spectrum of darkness

And it all screams inside
Wanting to tear out of my throat
And into someone else's

Let them suffer for a change
Let them feel how I feel
Let them corrode like I have

The essence of wrath perhaps
Convoluted self-destruction

Trapped within my own need to inflict
The very suffering which holds me captive
All is glazed over from the sheer hate of it

To busy raging inside to even take the time to cry
I wonder if I ever will

As time passes from moment to moment
As life passes from heartbeat to heartbeat
And both are frozen in torment

4:20 am