Takazawa Aki:
Hair: light brown, short, layered
Eyes: light brown
Age: 18
Height: 163cm/5'4"
Blood type: O

Suzuki Tarou:
Hair: black, longish, wispy
Eyes: dark brown
Age: 18
Height: 178cm/5'10"
Bloodtype: A

Chapter 1: Fools
Page 1
Scene: Overhead span of playground in the late afternoon. There are a couple of kids running off the playground.
Narration: At the age of 8, I found what most people take a lifetime to find-

Angle on the two kids from the front. They are laughing and smiling- one is chasing the other.
Narration: -my soul mate.

Small side view of parents trying to separate the clinging children apart- it's dark now.
Narration: We were inseparable.
(A's Mom: Come on now, don't be stubborn. It's time for us to have dinner!
Aki: I don't wanna!
T's Dad: Don't think I won't leave you here!
Tarou: Then do it!)

Page 2
The kids are on the teeter-totter.
Narration: That summer held my happiest days…
(Aki: I wonder what kind of planet the sun is…
Tarou: Are you stupid, the sun is a star!
Aki: Stop calling me stupid!)

Tarou is being led by his father by the hand- Aki is standing behind.
Narration: …and my worst.
Tarou: Gogoro-chan, in ten years- we'll see each other in ten years!

Different angle showing Aki's face.
Tarou: XXX U.- we'll go to XXX U!
Aki: Piko-chan!
Tarou: Study hard Gogoro!
Aki: (teary) …

Page 3
Caption: Ten years later…
Aki is working behind the counter of a sushi bar.
Aki: (hands lady her package) Thank you!
Boss: (wearing chef uniform, is standing next to Aki, preparing some food with a knife) You seem very happy today Aki-kun.
Aki: (laugh) Does it really show? It's because I received a letter yesterday. My very good childhood friend is coming to visit today! -It's been ten years since we last saw each other!-

Boss: Is that the one that you used always play xxx with? (note: xxx was a popular kids show like Power Rangers.) What was his name again? Pekko-?
Aki: It's Piko-chan. But, that was only our code names that we gave each other…

Boss: (surprised) So you don't know each other's real names?
Aki: Well, we were kids then- we'll know when we see each other today.

Aki: I'm so excited! Nothing's going to spoil my mood today- not even the new guy.
Boss: Oh, you mean Suzuki Tarou?

He spots the new worker sitting at a table reading a newspaper and listening to headphones; shocked face.
Aki: Ah!

Page 4
Slaps the newspaper down on the table.
Aki: What do you think you're doing?
Tarou: I'm on my break.

Aki: Your break was over ten minutes ago!
Tarou: Whatever.

Aki: (trying hard not to be angry) I've been really lenient with you with the past two weeks, but as your senpai, I'd like to see some more respect-

Tarou: (stands up) Are you done yet? I'm going back to work.
Aki: …

Aki: (crossed arms, trying to remain composed) You're lucky you caught me in a good mood…

Page 5
Span shot of the sushi restaurant from the outside.

Aki is at the counter, Tarou is clearing tables.
Boss: You can go on your break now Aki-kun.
Aki: Okay.

In the back taking off his apron and hat to hang on a row of hooks and other aprons.

He walks by a counter and accidentally knocks down some papers.
-Fwoosh, flutter-

Aki: (kneeling to pick them up; sweat drop)

Aki: (looks at one of the papers) An application to XXX U.-


Page 6
Aki looks up and sees Tarou heading towards him.
Tarou: Why are you snooping around my stuff?
Aki: (surprised) It's not what it looks like-

Tarou: (snatches the papers from his hands) Can't you keep your nose out of other people's business?
Aki: (shocked)

Tarou leaves with papers in hand; Aki left standing behind defenseless.
Aki: But I didn't-

Aki: (thinking, a little pissed looking) That's the second time that he's cut me off today. And this one was just a misunderstanding!

Page 7
Shows the time at 5 to 6 on a clock.

Aki clearing some dirty dishes off a table.
Aki: (thinking) I just have to finish this table and then I get off work! The faster I work, the sooner I'll get off…

Aki is walking pretty fast.

He suddenly trips (misplaced footing?) and the platter of dirty dishes falls over Tarou.

Aki looks up and sees Tarou covered in sauce and bits of food like noodles and rice.
Aki: (sweatdrop) I'm so sorry!

Tarou storms off to the back, leaving Aki, again, standing by himself. The boss sees this by the counter.
Boss: Aki-kun, clean that up before you leave.
Aki: Y-yes.

Page 8
Aki is off work and is walking outside dressed in casual street clothes now.

He looks into the window of the bakery shop and goes inside.

Inside he's bending down and looking through the glass and sees one more red bean bun.
Aki: I would like-
Tarou: One red bean bun please.

Aki: (stands up) Hey, I was here first!

Aki: (sees that it's Tarou) Tarou-kun…
Tarou: Too bad- if you already know what you want, get it. Don't waste your time staring at it.

Page 9
Aki: C'mon Tarou, could you give that last one to me please? I get one everyday after work-
Tarou: No.

Aki: You don't have to be so mean to me! What happened today was an accident!
Tarou: Do you understand what no means?

Aki: Why do you always have to be so coldhearted? Can't you be nice to at least one person?
Tarou: (holding bag with bun in it) Yes, and that person isn't you.

Tarou leaves the store, again, leaving Aki behind baffled.
Aki: (mad and pointing after him; clerks at the counter sweatdrop) You're leaving with my red bean bun!

Page 10
Aki opens the door to his home.
Aki: Tadaima! (I'm home!)

Flops down on top of his bed, stomach down, face to the side.
Aki: (thinking) Damn him! No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't tolerate him anymore!

Aki: He disrespected me, misunderstood me, wouldn't accept my apology- and then he steals my red bean bun! He ruined my entire day! If I see him one more time today…I'll…

Punches pillow.
-Ding Dong- (doorbell rings)

Aki sits up in bed.
A's mom's voice: (calling) Aki-kun, could you get the door please?

Page 11
Walking towards the door.

Opens it and looks shocked.
Aki: You!

You see Tarou there looking just as shocked.
Aki: (glaring) Why are you following me home now?

Tarou: (holding the bag with the bun in one hand, a picture in the other) Aki you're…
Aki: (angry) If you don't need anything, would you kindly leave? Thank you.

Aki is about to close the door.
Tarou: Gogoro-chan.
Aki: (pauses)

Page 12
Tarou: You're Gogoro-chan… I wanted to show you that I was serious about what I had said when we were younger- I wanted to show you my application for XXX U.
Aki: (looking dead serious) Piko-chan?

Tarou: (hands him the photo)

See an old looking photo of the two as boys smiling.

Aki is looking down, somewhat disappointed.
Aki: (looking down, thinking) This guy yelled at you, publicly embarrassed you twice, and left you hungry today.

Aki looking up at Tarou.
Aki: I don't like Tarou. (Tarou looks shocked)

Aki suddenly hugs Tarou, who looks even more shocked.
Aki: But Piko-chan will always be mine. I know what I want.
Tarou: (blushing) Gogoro?

Page 13
Looks at him with a mischievous face.
Aki: My name is Takazawa Aki.

Tarou: (smiles) Suzuki Tarou. -I got this for you.- (meaning the bun)

Aki is leading him inside, he is now carrying the bag- they are both smiling.
(Aki: You smell like soy sauce.
Tarou: Some idiot spilled it all over me at work.
Aki: Stop acting like a jerk!)

Narration A: I guess in the end, we were both the fools.

Author's Note: hi, thanks for reading this. This was just an experimental story that I was doing for a short doujinshi (comic) my friend and I were planning to do. If you've enjoyed it, please express your gratitude so she can get off her butt and work on the actual drawings! And with more encouragement, the story shall continue- this is a lot more complicated than the cute little intro that you see now. It'll get good I promise you.

EDIT: Holy crap, I didn't notice all the errors before- FP did not show the format I was using to write my story -_-;. Everything has been corrected now I hope...