Iwata Isamu:
Hair: Brown, short, clipped in the back, layered fringe in the front
Eyes: Brown
Age: 29
Height: 183cm/6'0"
Blood type: A

Hair: Blonde; long, shoulder length
Eyes: Light Brown
Age: 26
Height: 178cm/5'10"
Blood type: B

Chapter 37: Abide
Page 1
Overview shot of inside the restaurant. It is a busy weekend afternoon as the boys and Akemi hustle about the floor bringing out orders. The house is bustling full of jovial dining guests.

Aki is dressed in his normal street clothes and heading out the door, dialing Tarou on his cell.
Aki: (glancing down as he is dialing) I wonder what Tarou is up to now…

Tarou: (offscreen) Hey, Aki.
Aki: (cell to his ear) Ah, Tarou. Hey, I was wondering if you were able to do some studying today since you cancelled the last two days.
Tarou: Sorry Aki, maybe some other time? I'm just really busy with some things.
Aki: Ah, I see… No worries then. Just let me know when you're free, okay?
Tarou: I will. I'll call you about it later.

Aki: (shutting his cell; frowning) I know that Tarou isn't deliberately avoiding me, but… not seeing him is starting to worry me a bit…

Page 2
Aki crosses a busy cross-walk and passes by one of the train terminal entryways.

Aki: (pausing as he spots someone in the distance) Eh? Tarou…?

Aki frowns and dashes towards the entrance, trying to keep up with Tarou as he disappears inside.
Aki: That was definitely Tarou! I recognise his jacket… But where is he heading to? He told me he was busy…

Page 3
Aki: (walking rapidly in a throng of people as they head towards the gates; frown deepens) He's dressed pretty casually, so it's not like he's heading to his Host job…-

Aki: (glancing down; looking angry at himself) Don't you dare think Tarou would do something like that! He's not like that!

Aki: (looks back up; searching for Tarou in the heads of people) …Oh-!

Tarou has just passed through an entranceway by a checking gate.

Aki rushes over and pauses to read the overhead entrance:
Aki: Shinkansen…? (Bullet train…?)
Clerk: (behind the glass counter; offscreen) Excuse me, may we help you?

Aki: (approaching the counter awkwardly; sweatdrops) Ah… hello…

Page 4
Aki: (walking quickly out onto the platform, looking for Tarou; he spots him some distance in the foreground) …-!

Aki: (keeping a safe distance away, making sure not to get caught; sweatdrops as he glances down at his pay stub) So expensive…

Aki: (giving Tarou a side glance; sweatdrops) All this snooping around has gotten to be more expensive than I'd thought…

The train approaches and people begin to exit then board.

Aki is seated on opposite ends of the car from Tarou. He peers out from between the rows of seats to keep a check up on him.

Page 5
The sky has darkened now since Tarou had first set out. Tarou exits the train doors.

Tarou: (he stops briefly on the platform to glance down inside his jacket, ensuring that his envelope is still there) …

Walking along outside along the dark streets, Tarou pulls out his cell phone.
Tarou: (pushing a button, the screen lights up casting an eerie luminescence on Tarou's face) –beep-

Tarou: (cell to his ear) I'm here, where are ya?

T's Dad: (peeking out from behind a pillar, cell to his ear, waving from the distance; whispering hoarsely) Oi! Over here!

Tarou: (glances over and hangs up his cell) –beep- Shouldn't we be doin' this in a more secluded area?

Page 6
T's Dad: (standing idly by a lamp post) It's pretty safe here. They don' have any idea where I am. So ya got it?
Tarou: (approaching him; hand within his jacket; frowning) Yeah, I got it.

Tarou hands the thick envelope over to Kenichi.
T's Dad: (eyeing the thickness; grinning) Thankya! –schrk- (sound of foot colliding with gravel/pavement)

T's Dad: (perks up to that noise and glances in the distance; squinting in the darkness) Who's that? Eh, someone followin' you boy?!
Tarou: (alarmed) What? No-

Aki: (hiding behind a post; sweatdrops) Yabai yo, kore… (Crap, this is bad…)
T's Dad: (yelling in the distance) Oi! Don' think I didn' see ya hidin' back there! Show yer frickin' face! Are ya followin' us?! Get outta here!
Tarou: (trying to calm him down) H-hold up old man! You're friggin' loud as hell! Stop bringin' unnecessary attention to yerself! Seriously!

Page 7
T's Dad: (pointing at Tarou's chest) This is yer fault! You weren't careful enough and now there're people followin' ya!
Tarou: (looking to him in surprise) I didn't! I-
T's Dad: Trouble's always followin' ya!
Aki: (offscreen) Um…

Aki: (taking some tentative steps forward; trying to muster a smile; sweatdrops) Excuse me…

Tarou: (looks to Aki in shock) Aki…?
T's Dad: (standing next to Tarou; staring at Aki with suspicion and disapproval) Who the hell is that? Ya havin' spies followin' ya now Tarou?

Tarou: (turning to glance at Kenichi) No, he's my friend. I didn't know…

Tarou: (looking over in Aki's direction) …he'd be following me.
Aki: (back showing front; frozen) …! Shit…

Page 8
Aki: (back showing front; closer to them now, he is watching the two of them bicker in front of him; glancing between the two; sweatdrops) … These two…
T's Dad: Ya sure he ain't one of Sen's undercovers or somethin'?
Tarou: Ya! I jus' toldja he's my friend! Friggin' annoyin' AND deaf!
Aki: …are a lot alike.

Aki: (inspecting Kenichi more) He looks just like an older version of Tarou- or Tarou like a younger version of him. Wow… the resemble is uncanny…

T's Dad: (flips his attention to Aki, catching him staring at him) Oi!
Aki: (startled; blushes) -!

T's Dad: (squinting at Aki) I recognise ya… yeah…
Aki: (surprised smile) Eh…?

T's Dad: Ya're that kid aincha?
Aki: (expression blank) –blink, blink- …
T's Dad: Ya used ta play wit my boy when yous was lil' brats.

Aki: (startled; bows nervously) Ah, yes! I'm Takazawa Aki Oji-san. Nice to meet you!

Page 9
Aki: (straightens up; feeling a bit flustered and awkward)
T's Dad: (watching him; smirks) Hmph.

Aki: (leans back slightly in surprise) So that's where Tarou gets it from…

Aki: (scratching his chin with a finger as he ponders; glancing down; sweatdrops) But even so, both of those same expressions give off such different impressions…
T's Dad: (offscreen) What're ya still standin' here for? Want ta attract more attention and git me killed?

Tarou: (slightly annoyed) Yeah, yeah, we're leavin' now. C'mon Aki.
Aki: (startled as Tarou starts to lead him away) Ah- it was nice meeting you, Oji-san.

Tarou is still leading Aki by the arm as they are walking along the streets.

Tarou: (stops and drops Aki's arm; not looking at him) Aki, why were you following me?

Page 10
Aki: (startled; sweatdrops) I… I hadn't seen you in a few days- you cancelled our last few study sessions and I saw you at the train station-
Tarou: (back facing front) Aki,

Tarou: (turns around to face him) please don't follow me around like that again. What I do is my own business. It doesn't concern you.

Aki: (staring back at him wide-eyed; baffled) …

Tarou continues to walk as Aki trails behind him slowly.

Aki: (side view; glancing down, frowning) He's mad at me…
Tarou: (offscreen) The trip must have been expensive for you, wasn't it?

Aki: (glancing up; sweatdrops) Y-yeah... I didn't think… you'd be going on such an expensive and long trip…
Tarou: (walking over to him; offscreen still) Serves you right for stalking me.

Tarou: (pinches Aki on the nose)
Aki: (nasally sounding) Stalker?

Page 11
Tarou: (keeping in tow with Aki's steps; staring straight ahead) Yeah, at least it's you. I'd appreciate such a gentle and cute stalker.
Aki: (frowning; looking up at Tarou) I-I didn't mean to stalk you! I'm sorry Tarou.

Aki: (touching Tarou's arm, making him look at him) Really, I'm sorry. I should have trusted you more. I was worried… I know about you and your dad's situation. I should have known better.
Tarou: (watching Aki)

Tarou: (taking hold of Aki's hand; giving him a small smile) You probably don't have enough for the ticket back. Let me get that for you.
Aki: (pouting; sweatdrops) Okay…

They walk off into the distance, their backs showing front.
Tarou: How could you have stalked me for three hours? Weren't you bored?
Aki: How could you have not noticed I was stalking you for three hours?

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