Since This Is A Dream, It's Only Fate

by, Cassandra

The sound of footsteps fills her ears,
superseding every thought.
The voices echo through the wind,
teasing, taunting, screaming… waiting
as if they know what is to come.

Still, she runs, as if she could escape,
but if this is a dream, then it's only fate.
The sound intensifies, like beating drums,
matching the pulse of her racing heart.
She longs to scream, anything to drown out
the sounds of this… rhythm of insanity
that's so close to driving her over the edge.

The atmosphere of peril grows
with each and every tedious step,
and she wonders, deep inside
just what it is she's running from.
But through the sudden rush of tears,
she knows somehow that she only knows
that to give up now would mean
an end to everything she holds dear.

So, on she runs, like she can escape
from everything that is meant to be.
But since this is a dream, it's only fate
that the trees themselves would reach out
and drag her down to the cold wet ground.
The rain pours down, and she wonders when
the once clear sky decided not to be her friend.

She feels fear's fingers crawl up her spine,
and despite everything inside her… she freezes,
for she knows that this… this is it.
There's no going back after this.

She closes her eyes, and mutters a prayer,
all the while doubting anyone would even hear,
that she could wake up from this nightmare now
and not have to face the embodiment of all her fears.

Still, like an unwilling pawn in some stupid game
she can't help but turn back to look.
Her breath catches in her throat as she realizes…
no one's there.
It had all been in her head.

She sighs in relief, though in part, it's panic,
as she climbs to her feet, turns and listens…
to nothing, or so it seems.
The world had gone deadly silent
like the calm before the tragic storm.
And suddenly, the fear is back.

And now she knows, she'll not awake,
not until this dream is through.
Not until this game is through.
She has to face her fears
and conquer them once and for all.

So she takes a deep breath, and makes up her mind.
This has gone on too long and it's time to pay the price.
To let her fears live… or let them die.

The fears that have plagued her
for longer the she wants to admit.
The fears that have made her
exactly who she is.
The fears that will ultimately
become her downfall.

Then it's a rush, like someone pressed fast-forward.
Then it's like supers low motion…
and the clouds part and the footsteps start,
and she turns, feeling confident for the first time,
and faces everything she's ever fought.

Except, it's not what she expected,
and it shocks her to the core.
She thinks it explains a lot,
but she doesn't want to accept.
This couldn't be.

She's staring into an impassive face,
into eyes so dead, yet so alive,
burning with something akin to hate,
disgust, mistrust… and she can't help it.
She cries.

She's staring into the face of…