"An Invitation to Seed Germination"

In a botanical sense,
Germination is the process of emergence,
Of growth from a resting stage.
This poem is for seeds of young age.

Germination, germination!
It's spreading across the nation.
Come join us little seed,
So you can know its difficulties.

Seeds in soil, heavy and deep.
Oh look how they weep!
Because they'll never see,
The sun to become a tree.

Seeds need moisture to sprout.
But if there's too little water, doubt!
For a seed will eventually rot,
If removed from the water, not!

Temperature is a trigger to seeds.
They awaken at their hour of need.
Warmth makes germination rates increase,
But their germination times decrease.

Soil imbalance is a pest,
So you might want to take a soil test.
Make sure their pH levels are okay.
Too high or low, I say nay!

Check your seed variability,
If growth is still not your ability.
But for now this is all you need to know,
In order for you to grow.
And once you've become big enough,
Make yourself really tough.
What I have said, you must heed,
To grow up healthy and produce more seed.

by mahogany lampshade

I haven't posted anything in a year till now, but oh well! I did this for Biology last year. Hehe. Even though it's stupid, I got a high grade for it. Yay! At least its informative. ;)