How I miss you.
To feel normal once more.
To love.
To be loved.

I never understand anymore.
Created for what reasons?
Punished but what man?
Or maybe a creature?

I have invisible friends.
I can't help but talk to them.
They are my only means of companionship.
They see and know my pain and suffering.
They tell me to kill all,
And eat all.

Nothing taste the same.
Nothing feels the same.
I see nothing like it should be.

Colours are vivid,
Crazy to me.
And yet I feel so at home with them.
Where is it now?
Why can't I find it.

These soft walls confined me.
They drive me to the point were I want to kill.
Were I want to feed on human flesh.
Caged by the people they say want to help me.

Why can't I break free?
Fucking bastards!
Let me free.
I want to fly again.
Let me fly again.
You will all see.
You will all pay with blood.