To be alone is never easy.

I was alone for years and years at school.

It was like walking in a vast


where I already knew

every tree,

every root,

every crack in the earth,

but with no idea of where I should go.

I was lost in the forest, lost at school.

Even though I knew my school in and out, I was......


I knew I could just go to the centre of the forest and find my

fellow classmates,

but what's the use of being around, when no one

understands you, just because you're


So I sat myself down on a bench in the school grounds,

a small boulder in the vast


and watched the other students.

I know my way in this vast forest in and out, but still i'm


Like a small


without its pack of wolfs.

I watch them playing in the playgrounds at our school.


completely into the game.

Whatever they're playing,

I cannot participate in.

I'm lost, without hope of joining them, being


as a member of the pack.

I'm lost in this school, this forest, even if I know my way all over the place.

I'm lost,

unlike any of them.

I am their opposite:


completely out of the game,

all because I'm handicapped, and not


by the others.

That's why I'm lost, in this vast forest, this school.

Wandering around aimlessly.


at a whim of mine,

a mad hope,

I would sometimes sniff at the air, in the hope that there would be some other cubs to play with.

But I could never find them.

I'm lost in this forest, this school,

like a small


without its pack of wolfs.