a niente-(ah-nee-EN-teh) Music: diminishing to nothing, usually at the end of a piece.

A Niente

It's the same old song and tragedy
A tune as old as lust can be
Playing on her radio
As she tells him what he wants to know

I remember the bitter melody
A classic tune unfortunately
As she cuts the chord of her dignity
And becomes his every whim

She plays his favorite song for him
Although it hurts her ears she knows
He will never love her
He will never hear her
Just the radio

I want to turn the volume down
I want to hear her sing again
I say you're perfect as you are
Don't change a single note for him
Fight through the strains of the refrain
Sing like you used to sing again
Sing like you know he's not listening
He's not listening

(And sing like it doesn't hurt you at all)

But oh the music, it's so loud
And I know she doesn't hear me at all