It's so amazing to be able to talk again

Though I've never heard your voice

Everything you say is like chocolate

So easy to take in


I thought I would be silent forever

Never another conversation told

Then you began to speak

I knew you were it


Never did I think there were capable people

Of the conversation that I wanted

That I needed inside myself

I was wrong


I am in love with talking to you

If that is love at all

I would tell you everything

If we ever have the time


I have been waiting for my whole life

For someone with a mind

For something with a taste for something

Other than today's sad mixed up world


You aren't my lover, or even close

But we could be best friends

Because talking to you is the easiest thing

I have ever done before


Talking to you is like looking at the stars

The most beautiful view in the world

That makes me want to run

Run forever


So, talk to me


And again

And again