Dizzy Desi's Disavowal

Dizzy little Desi in an endless dream

Questioning his every thought and yes they are just what they seem

Projecting in to every act a sense of mystery

But it's all just as transparent as his lack of industry

And Desi's just a little bit dirty

And Desi's just a little bit worried

And Desi's thoughts are a little bit blurry

'Cos Desi's lost on the plot of his own story

When dizzy little Desi can't defend his dream

Fickle in his fascinations, no priorities

The only two he's ever had can find no unity

And with every phase that passes by it seems there's less that holds meaning

And Desi's just a little unnerving

And Desi thinks just a little unsurely

And Desi's got to get up and hurry

'Cos Desi's not fond of the habits he is forming

'Cos dizzy little Desi can't pretend he's clean

Looking back on every thought as sick impurity

Fighting off his animal-like inner tendencies

Searching for improvement but not knowing what it means

And Desi's just a little dizzy from the twirling

And Desi's gone from the world he's still observing

And Desi's just a little unconcerned with earnings

'Cos Desi's just the lesson that he's learning

And it's all still lost on me