i know that i shouldn't bleed –
that i shouldn't hide behind long
sleeves but if they had the scars
like me, they would hide too, so
ashamed of everything they are
and wanting nothing more than
to go back to the way they were
(before all the blood and scars).

you could have been the one
to help me – to stop me (from
bleeding) and let me know that
everything was all right. but now
i know that these scars must be
something to you even though you
haven't seen them in over a year
because if you had wanted no more
scars, you would have helped me.

(but i don't blame you; don't hold
the guilt so heavy in your heart.)

i just want you to understand how
much the bleeding means to me.

(you're oblivious to everything i
ever try to do for the sake of you.)

September 23, 2006