September 6

Dear book of thoughts,

First day of school. It was actually really fun. I have most of my classes with Kala, which is good. I mean, I think. We hardly ever talk anymore, and when we do it doesn't seem like there's anything to talk about. But I know I love her.

Wow, I'm getting pretty heavy for the first entry. Soo back to school, I also have Nicole, Helen, John, and Marie in my classes. Except Mary has kind of abandoned us and gone to hang out with the preps. But it's still good to have us all together again. Maybe we can bring her back over from the dark side.

Teacher-wise, school is the same as always. There are a few bitches (namely the math teacher Mrs. Halloth), a few fun teachers (especially the science teacher, Mr. Richick), and then all the others that aren't special in any way. My schedule is Mondays and Wednesdays: English, gym, Science, free period Mondays/lunch Wednesdays, free period Wednesdays/lunch Mondays, and then computers. Tuesdays and Thursdays are History, art, free period, lunch, and then Math. Having math last isn't going to be fun. But yeah. And every day after school I have basketball practice and writer's workshop. Which are going to be fun!? Haha, I hope so.

The only thing that sucks is it means less time with Kala, and with all my friends. Mostly Shane. I miss her whenever we're not together, and it seems like that'll be less and less now that I'm so busy. I just wish…