September 7

Dear book of thoughts,

Shane seemed really bad last night. I don't think she eats enough. And she works out too hard. She plays basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, and dances. The dancing is probably what strains her the most, though. And then with school starting…I just worry about her. She promised me she'd gain ten pounds (or at least try) but so far she hasn't. She says she's short enough that a hundred pounds is overweight. But she's only an inch shorter than me, and twenty-five pounds less. Anyway. She seemed to get happier halfway through though. And started talking about some guy Paul. Paul is a gross name. But apparently she likes him and she wants to ask him out. I told her to go for it, but she said she's too fat and ugly and he'd say no. From the pictures I've seen, she's gorgeous, but too skinny. I swear, she could be a model if she grew like...a foot. Or maybe just a short one. And I don't just say that because I love her.

OH YEAH. Kala and I went to a movie after school (basketball was cancelled). It was really great. We sat in the back so we could talk and not disturb as many people, but we still got food thrown at us for being 'disruptive'. It was fun though. And she's so pretty when she laughs.

And now, for my assigned topic of the day. I did yesterday's, so today was Shane's. And she picked drum roll our favorite memory. Mine would have to be…well, I have two. The first was two years ago, when Kala was on the cheerleading squad and was cheering for my team. The cheerleaders, as a rule, hated me. I was the emo boy, after all. And then there were the weird few that had a crush on me, but never mind them. But Kala was different. Yeah, she had on the short skirt and tight top but she was so gorgeous, it took my breath away. And her hair. It was electric blue with deeper blue highlights and black tips and bangs. It was unusual and weird, but it looked amazing on her. Now, though, it's shoulder length and white, with red stripes. But yeahh.

After the game, she was handing out water bottles, and before I knew what I was doing I asked her out. And she just smiled and then said yes. And I think that was definitely the happiest of my life. But I have to include meeting Shane. Apparently, when she's mad, she gets random screen names and IMs them. And her friends help her out, so apparently I know her friend's cousin's sister's friend's brother's girlfriend? Anyway, for some reason when I said hi she decided to not bitch at me, and just…I dunno. I felt like we instantly had a connection, but she claims I seemed too hyper. I can't tell if that's her trying to be tough or the truth. And even though that moment wasn't so special, what followed (our friendship) is just amazing.

Ahh, long entry today.