Right, so I have been working on a rewrite of Forrester's. After much debate, I have decided to post it on this account. Instead of being called Forrester's Fool-Proof Guide To Teenager Rebellion, I'm changing it to Teenage Rebellion for the Socially Inept, as I have decided to take out the pamphlet.

Also, I am working on my own time, on another story called Southern Comfort, but it probably won't be posted until I am further into this story, possibly finished with it.

Finally, after it seems like forever, I have been able to go back and work with these characters. I have no idea how it happened, I just sat down one day and wrote. And believe me, it wasn't an easy task. I stopped writing when I started college. It was hard for me to continue to focus on writing and still be able to draw, paint, etc...

So needless to say, this summer, I find myself unable to draw and paint, instead, I find myself able to write. I think I lack self discipline. But really, I go to school full time in the morning from 8 until like 1 and then I go to work from 5 until 10. Sometimes I go in early.

Basically I'm short on time. This summer, I'm working full time, but I'm not in school, thus me being able to write. I am able to stay up until all ungodly hours, go to work early in the morning, and ignore the need for sleep. If only I had been able to do this with school. Bleh.

Anyway, I'm going to keep this copy up because I actually like to go back and read some stuff, as everything on this site isn't on my new computer's harddrive.

For hilarious news, yesterday, at work, someone melted a plastic lid on our oven's conveyor belt, so we used a blow torch to get it off, only we were stupid and used highly flamable liquids such as spray toner and aerosol air fresheners to create a bigger flame. And whilst doing that, we created a grease fire in the oven's ventilation system and had to call the fire department.

While we were waiting for the fire department to put out the fire, we all ran around the store's parking lot, avoiding the anger emanating from our bosses. I mean, why in the fuck would we try and start a grease fire? It was frightening enough when giant fireballs were falling out of the oven and all we could do was try to stomp it out before we got smoke inhalation.


I just had to let everyone know about that. I found it hilarious. But back on topic, YES! I am redo-ing Forrester's and it will be finished, so please, go check it out.

-K.B. Hanna