A/N - I wrote this one day in my English class. I was bored out of my wits and this just surfaced. It took me only 5 mins to write out. When I was finished, a friend swiped it from me, read it and said I should dedicate it. I said no, but she went behind my back and submit it to one of our classmates. They had published it in our yearly annual and dedicated to my graduating year. I hope you like it too!

Graduation is that special day

When the sky is blue

The sun shines through the cloudy gray

The light reflects on you.

Grad's the time for happiness

And making many friends

It's even the time for sadness

'Cause we know that Grad will end

The memories that we cherish

Are always in our hearts

But some of them will perish

Since we'll all be far apart

Memories are the games

Events and Prom night

The teacher who pushed us through those days

Since they know we have to fight

We must fight for our pride

Our courage instead of our fears

They know we can't always hide

And we know they're always near

We thank them for their encouragement

And all their love to us

We know they care enough to help

Since they put up with us

Once we graduate from school

From all our helpful peers

We know we have to keep our cool

To succeed in our own careers

We cross the stage in our gowns

To receive our diplomas and say goodbye

To our teachers and friends we frown

Because this feeling makes us cry

We all say bye just once more

Then we give just one twirl

We hug our friends and shed our tears

'Cause it's time to face the world

Now it's time to end this poem

With one more thought to say

No matter what we're doing in life

We'll always remember this day!

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