Every inch, his hand went over every delicate inch massaging her skin. The sensation made her skin jump with pure pleasure. She couldn't imagine what it would feel like if they were both completely naked and he was making love to her.

His hazel green eyes seemed to seer into her soul. It was like he could tell exactly what she was thinking. She just wish she could see what he was thinking, even his name would be nice. She had never been in the presence of such a beautiful man.

He slid his hand slowly down to her core and let it rest there taking in the heat of her. After a few minutes he started to massage her clitoris being her to a new height. It didn't take to long before she could feel her whole body shaking form her orgasm.

He never took any pleasure from her himself. He just dove inside of her with his hands. He wasn't about to just let her get away with a little orgasm. This was a night she would never forget.

Just as she was just about to… when everything went black.