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A high ruling and well respected family seems like the perfect kingdom... right? Wrong. What happens to a kingdom ruled by a family that just doesn't get along? Who and where can you go to when all you have is yourself? You can't go to your mother, your sister, and who you actually once had there for you is now gone... What then? What happens when everything is taken from you, even if you didn't quit notice it before? How would you survive? Thoughts of depression and pain fill you, like a glass overflowing with water, rushing over the sides. People can often love to hate one another... or hate not being able to love someone.

What do you do when someone you don't know becomes close to you... and then you find out the worst thing of all. You're torn away from this person because of what family they are born into. You can't do anything about your fait, unless you go against everything that you believe in. What do you do when the one that you love is your enemy?

Bleeding Eyes and Crying Hearts...


"Sash, get up!" Icea screamed. "I'm up!" "Your not up till I see you out of that bed and dressed." "Ok, fine. Geez. Settle down." "Well if you don't hurry up you're going to be late for your classes... and you know mother won't be happy about that." "Yeah... I know." Sasha mutters, under her breathe. Nabarea walks to the doorway where Icea is standing and asks, "What's going on?" She looks in the door. "Oh, trying to get Sasha up?" "Yep." Icea growls. "Fine be late! I don't care!"

You will soon learn of the misfortune of these three sisters. Icea is 20, she is the oldest. Followed by Nabarea, then Sasha. They are all two years apart. Even though Sasha and Icea are furthest apart, in age, they seem to have a better relationship than Sasha and Nabarea. Nabarea and Sasha each have a different type of relationship with Icea. Icea is depended on more than she thinks, at times. Nabarea looks to Icea for words of wisdom to get her through the days of unhappiness. Sasha and Icea have a very carefree goofy relationship. Icea teaches Sasha all sorts of jokes and pranks.

Their parents Nathaniel and Katana Snow favor their children on different levels. Sasha and Icea have a great relationship with their father. Icea has a pretty good relationship with their mother, but she likes their father more. Nabarea on the other hand doesn't enjoy fighting and horse playing with their father like they do. She would rather stay inside and work on other things than building her strength. Icea nor Nabarea really ever noticed their mother's feeling toward Sasha. Although Sasha never pointed out that their mother hates her. Sasha never knew what it was that she did to deserve to be hated by her own mother. Icea knew Sasha wasn't pleased with having to go through charm school and other stupid classes to become a proper princess. And that's exactly what they are. The three princesses, heirs to the thrown of Hethafrost.

The land is widely populated with many people. The land is as vast as the eye can see. Their father is known as one of the most powerful men in the world. Hethafrost is also known for being the home to dragons. The dragons were almost extinct until one day Icea and Sasha came across a group of them, while they were playing outside.

Sasha and Icea had fought along side their father, during battles for the better of their land. Their mighty family is known well across the lands. Nabarea is known for her beauty. Sasha and Icea are known for their strength. Along with that Icea is also known for her way with words. Sasha and Icea's encouragement for their father gave him hope and still continues to. Sasha and Icea have gathered the nickname, The Two Dragon Fangs. Nathaniel gave them each a sword made from a dragon's fang, that they always use during battle. They can both remember that day. He had called them into his office, where you could often find him.

"Sasha. Icea. I have something for each of you." He shows them two long wooden boxes. Icea can still remember exactly how the smooth black painted wood felt under her hand, as she skimmed her hand across it. "Well, open them!" he says, with anxious excitement in his voice. Icea and Sasha both open the cases and look at their gifts with wide happy eyes. Sasha takes her sword from the box and hugs it, because she is so excited. Icea takes out her sword and cuts through the air with it. "Thank you, father. It is beautifully made and it's not too heavy or too light." Icea says. Sasha is almost too excited to speak, "Th- uhh. Ahh! Eek! Thank you, father!" He cheerfully laughs and hugs them both. At that time Nabarea walks past the door and gets a glimpse of them. So she sneaks back and watches them with their new gifts from their father.

Nabarea always wanted to be closer to her father, but she couldn't because her mother seemed to always be there telling her what to do and what she needed to do. Nabarea was controlled by her mother more than she knew. She always had to dress pretty and be perfect. She couldn't make even the littlest mistake or she was punished. Icea and Sasha have a easy-going kind of relationship with their dad. Why do they always get to go to far off lands with father and fight? Why can't I go? Am I not good enough for father? Am I too girly and weak to fight? Does he even love me? I'm sure Nabarea would have gone with them if she knew what she was doing, but then again since she was never trained to fight, only taught how to properly behave, things might come as a shock to her. Nathaniel loves all of his daughters very much, but Sasha and Icea just understand him more.

Katana is a good woman, but she can't seem to see why Sasha doesn't want to be like her and Nabarea. Katana never really thought of trying to make her daughters do things that they didn't like, like beauty pageant and charm schools until she realized that Icea would never do any of those things. Katana tried to get Icea to do those things when she was six or seven and it didn't work so she started making Nabarea be involved with this stuff ever since she was really little, so that it would be the natural thing for her to do. Ever since Sasha refused to be involve with the so called girly stuff Katana never really had any thing to do with her, from then on. Katana was used to Icea being as she was, a tom-boy. In Katana's mind Sasha had a chance to become a young lady not a war fighting tom-boy.

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