Nabarea and Icea are still standing outside Sasha's door when Nathaniel walks up to them. "What are you two doing?" he asks.

"Trying to get Sasha up." Icea says.

"Good morning father." Nabarea says.

"Good morning." He continues to walk on past them. He didn't even so much as glance at her.

Nabarea would have liked to spend more time with her father, but it seemed that there was never any time.

Icea walks in Sasha's room and turns on her light. "Get up!"

"Why do I have to go to that stupid class and you don't?"

"I had to when I was your age. It's only for a month or two longer. You'll survive." Icea turns off Sasha's radio and shuts the door, when she leaves.

Sasha gets up and quickly puts on a t-shirt and jeans. She looks at her hair in the mirror. "Oh great. I've only got like two minutes left. Oh well." She grabs a ponytail holder and puts her hair up. "There. It's good enough, for me."

She runs out of her room, passing Icea in the hallway.

"You're late already, Sash!" she yells, to her.

Sasha makes a sharp turn at the end of the hall and runs to the staircase. She looks at the endless stairs and then at the stair rail. She shrugs her shoulders and sits on the rail. She slides down the railing at a very fast speed. She comes to the end of the railing and flies face first on the floor.

"Sasha Nicole Snow! How many times have I told you not to do that?!?"

"Too many to count." she mutters. Sasha looks up and sees her mother standing in the room just in front of her.

Katana stomps her foot. "Get in here now!"

Sasha pushes herself up off the floor and walks in the door of the room.

"Shut the door." Sasha shuts the door behind her.

"What are you wearing? And look at your hair! I told you never to wear anything, but a dress while your being seen with me."

Sasha looks over at a middle-aged woman sitting in a chair. "But it's only us three here." "Don't back talk me! Now go change! And fix your hair! At least brush it."

Sasha didn't like being yelled at. She had been yelled at by her mother for every little thing she did wrong. I guess that's why she would rather spend time with her father than her mother.

Just forget it. She's just trying to make you mad. Don't lash out on her or there will be hell to pay. No matter how much Sasha told herself this it wasn't going to work this time.

"You know what! The only reason why I don't look perfect is because I'm not like Nabarea! I'm not perfect! I don't like this stupid class! I didn't have time this morning to try and impress you! But it wouldn't have done any good anyways! So why should I try?!?" Sasha walks to the door. Before she runs out the door she turns around and says, "Why do you hate me so much, mother?"

"I don't hate you."

"You just wish I was just like Nabarea!"


A few tears run down Sasha's angry red face. She bursts through the door and starts to run up the stairs, to the main hallway.


Icea was on her way to her father's office. Nabarea watches her older sister walk down the hallway, with her back to her. Nabarea decides to follow her. She tiptoes as quietly as she can behind her, putting a good distance between them. Icea stops all of a sudden and with out turning around says, "Nabarea, what is it?"

"Huh? How did you-?"

"I just know these things."

"I still don't see how you do it."

"You have five senses. I use all of them equally. Also, I've known you for 18 years." Icea jerks around and looks down the hallway.

"What is it?"

"Nothing!" Icea shouts back to her, as she runs down the hallway.

Icea reaches the end of the hallway and looks at the open door, where Sasha should be. Icea sees her mother standing just inside the door. Icea shakes her head in shame. Icea already knows her mother has done something to upset Sasha. Icea runs around the corner, to the bottom of the stair case and looks her mother in the eyes. "Icea, wait!" Katana shouts, as Icea runs up the stairs.

Icea continues to follow Sasha. She hears a door slam shut. She runs to Sasha's door. She gently taps on the door.

"What!" Sasha yells, from the other side.

"It's me, Icea. ... Can I come in?"

"Yeah... I guess."

Icea opens the door and walks in. "What happened this time?"

"You know I was running late. Well I get there and she asks me to come in. Then she starts yelling at me because I'm not wearing a dress and my hair doesn't look perfect enough! Then she told me that she wanted me to be just like Nabarea, brainless and weak!"

"Sash, you know you don't mean that!" Icea protests.

"You know it's true. Mother only loves her the most because she's her little puppet. She does every thing mother asks."

"That may be true, but she only does it because... she loves mother and she is looked upon for those things. She isn't like us. She's like mother and we're-"

"Like father. I know that!" Sasha finishes for Icea.

"We're just as we are. Mother can't change us. She doesn't understand. She thinks that we can just give up our passion for war and become humble wives, of some rich kings."

Sasha laughs. "Ha! I don't think so!" Icea laughs at Sasha's weird motions.

"I know... I could never be like that. And I know you can't Sash. I feel a need to taste my enemies' blood. To slice the flesh of the cruel people that poison our lands."

"Well said." Sasha comments.

"Are you cooled off any?"

"Well... not really. I'm just so tired of it. Every day. I have to listen to her screaming and bitching at me. I can't see how you lived through it!"

"With time. Even though some times I wanted to knock her out and lay her flat on her ass ... I held myself back."

"I'm beginning to think that you might have to do that for me." They both laugh.

"Me too. Sasha sit down." Icea sits on Sasha's bed and pats the spot next to her. Sasha can see the serious look in her eyes. "I worry about you. You're just as you are. Don't worry about what mother thinks of you. One of these days... you'll see... she'll come around."

Sasha gives her older sister a fake smile.

"Just promise me you'll be good."

"Just as long as I don't have to speak to her."

"Fine... don't talk to her, but don't lock yourself up in here." Icea gets an idea. "Why don't you go train with the soldiers. You know they enjoy the encouragement."

"No... they enjoy staring at your ass." Sasha mutters.

Icea rolls her eyes. "No they don't. They stare at yours!" They both start laughing. "Well I've got to go. I have some work to do." Icea stands up. She rubs Sasha's hair, to mess it up.

"Hey! Stop it!"

Icea walks out the door and shuts it behind her.

Sasha stares at the wall for a second, lost in her thoughts. Well this sucks! ... Icea doesn't seem to have any more time to just hang out any more. I would help her... if I could, but I don't have a clue how to keep other lands from attacking us. I'll leave the peace making to her.


Icea can often be found in her office, working on something. Nabarea would some times go to her when she was there. It is almost the only time she is alone, which can be kind of frustrating at times.

At first glance you would think Nabarea didn't have any troubles. With a big bright smile like hers how could you be upset? What people don't know won't hurt them. Sasha never really understood Nabarea. I guess it was just the fact that she didn't care. She liked Nabarea, just not like a sister. Nabarea always went to Icea will her problems, so it's easy to say Icea understands her very well. Icea loves Nabarea very much and often tells her through her words with out saying it straight out.