Too thick eye shadow distracts from the insecurity
crying for attention in the windows of shining eyes
put fallen stars in a pocket, and cry from an injury
youth is a plea- don't become what you despise
i'm watching the girl with lanky locks go to the mirror

and she sheds tears.

she raises her wrist to smear blood on the glass
but ends up sobbing, pounding it with her fists
destroying it, just for the sake of something to smash
the bits of glass catching themselves in her wrists
scream. let your energy out. it's the only way.

full of inconsequential fears.

arrêt. vous m'intoxiquez (stop. you intoxicate me)
i'm just watching but i recognize that malnourished soul
that was me collapsing on the floor. can you see?
The one who was so "fabulous". (fucking dull.)
whose pseudo image rang like a poignant poem.

but not anymore.

now i am the girl whose image actually suits her
récupéré. (salvaged.) from the ruin of a stereotype
her essence thankfully free of twisting, controlling briar.
i don't know why. i don't care. it would be stupid to gripe
i wouldn't say it's a powerful deity. i don't think it was.

i think i saved myself from an emotional downpour.