Walk On Down This Dusty Road

by, Cassandra

The burn of tears, the burn of fears
work together to cause despair.
You never cared, I see that now.
It was just a ruse to break through.

You smiled at me and I swear I saw
a glint of evil flash in your eyes.
All you want, all I need, are two different things,
but you never see.

We walk on down this dusty road and
the colors fade as the night grows cold.
You take my hand and I gasp for breath;
an unspoken request with a silent demand.

"Chose this day which way you go.
Will you walk with me or let out love grow cold?

The words chill down to the bone;
if you really loved me you wouldn't make me chose.
I look down at our entwined hands;
my knuckles white, yours blood red.

You strangle me a little more each day,
breaking me down into whom you want me to be.
I try to tug away but your grip is too tight,
you've got me by something deeper, and no, it's not alright.

You took my will when you took my heart
and I can't say no, I'm in too far.
I will lose myself if I chose to stay,
but I will lose you if I walk away.

But what's the use of having someone
to love you for you if "you" is gone?
I look up and my eyes are cold.
I've never look at you like that before.

You look different now in light of this;
you were willing to kill me in order to win.
Your grip fades, and I pull away
and turn my back and walk away.

As I walk back down this dusty road,
I swear the colors deepen in hue.