Shifting Light

by, Cassandra

You've seen me before
But never like this
Blame it on the shifting light
Beauty doesn't run and hide

You've known there was something more
Something hiding under my skin
And since beauty is in the eye of the beholder
You should tell me what you think

Does this look suit me, do you think?
Or do I have to try again?
But in the end, this is me
And it's everything I want to be

You've never seen my eyes so cold
But you know, they've always been
It's always been hidden inside
Underneath the artificial flame

Back away in fear, because honestly, fear's the best
You've never been scared of me before
But I guess beauty comes with a price
And even so… I'm not the one who's going to pay

The dark side has it lure
And it's gained another victim
And I'm loving the other side
And the freedom that I find

Don't worry, you don't have to try and save me
I'm completely lost to you
It's taken over totally
And I'm not going to scream for help

I'll drown myself in the darkest depths
And throw myself off the highest cliff
And all you will ever hear, forever more
Is my hysterical laughter filling the air