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A Vigilante

I want to be

a vigilante

Run over rooftops

And know the secrets of this urban maze

Laying all the traps

for all the rats

Chewing holes

in the cardboard walls

of this experiment.

I want to be

a vigilante

With a righteous black cape

And a mask

to conceal my true identity

marking me

as one in League

With all the greats,

the super heroes.

I want to be

a vigilante


a pseudo-innocent by day

an awe-inspiring knight of justice by dark

And while away the dusks

and dawns

in between


and either

of my transformations

I want to be

a vigilante

Send home photos of police clippings

Of the chin

Of the mysterious masked vixen

Back home to my mother,

While others

Would only bother

With postcards

I want to be

A vigilante


A beacon of virtue

A bandit and convict on the lamb

The urban legend,

the back-alley myth

That's me

and who I want to be;

A vigilante.