Babysitter from Hell



Akira looked in the mirror and smiled dryly. He just didn't like the black shirt they have told him to wear. Usually he didn't wear anything black or white. Those colours were too absolute for his taste.

This event was a special one though, he would be meeting an important business related person and discussing the pay for a job of rank B. Even if he did not have any idea what the job actually was. They hardly ever told him and he knew by now how to act like he was aware of every single detail while talking to the patrons.

"Hey, 'Kira, your babysitter will be there in two minutes, so get ready, will you?" The voice came from a small mobile phone he had and, although he couldn't see who was calling, he knew the voice. It was Nanher – a young and definitely evil boy, who could be considered as his co-worker.

Sighing the angel tied his long, curly hair with a thin ribbon.

"I'm ready now, Nanher, no need to worry. Will the cab be here soon?"

"Yes. And if you are nervous you can always meditate in the cab or something, because it will take about ten minutes to get you to your meeting."

Akira didn't even answer. Nanher was weird and terrible when it came to cracking jokes. Many were ready to overlook it in favour of the boy's curly hair and big brown eyes that could put Bambi to shame.

Akira walked to the front door of his house and opened it. He had heard right; the cab had halted in front of his little house. The night was warm – too warm for his taste – and there was no wind. Akira hoped from the bottom of his heart that the temperature wouldn't raise any more or if it did, there should at least be effective ventilation in the restaurant in which the negotiations were to take place. He tended to faint when it was too hot. He really hated that tendency, but he couldn't do anything about it besides avoid warm places and drink a lot of cold water.

Besides last time he had fainted the patron had tried to rob him and then when he finally had managed to crawl back at the headquarters Smimi had screeched at him like a banshee and looked like she was ready to knit a doormat out of his small intestine. He had seriously feared for his life for a moment there.

He felt his lips curl into a sarcastic smile. The man with black wings were already climbing off the cab – even before the chauffeur had had time to fully open his own door, let alone go to open the door for his well-known and feared passenger. Akira had to give the chauffeur ten points for tact when the man straightened up embodying hurt pride for his profession but still kept from giving his passenger too many death glares.

Unable to resist the urge, Akira stared at the green haired vampire, who had lifted a dark brown back bag from the car's back seat. He didn't look a bit scary, which was a good ability for a babysitter, but unexpected for a well-known murderer. Akira hoped that nothing bad would happen to his young daughter while he was away. He could too easily picture Celémenta getting angry at Huriye and punching her. He was absolutely the type that would beat up little children.

To put it mildly, he had been furious when his boss had told him that Celémenta would come to look after his precious daughter while he himself was at work. How dare they think that he would be happy about the arrangement? A cruel killer babysitting his defenceless daughter!

Of course he had met Celémenta many times, but he still hated the vampire very deeply. That person was untrustworthy, rude, nasty, tactless and completely annoying. And dangerous. No, not dangerous, just downright fatal. Nevertheless, everybody was always telling him that the man treated him better than anybody else their bosslady included. He did not believe them, in fact, he thought that the feeling of hatred was mutual.

Akira sighed and told himself to quit thinking about his co-worker's terrible personality. A demon can't change what she or he is. But he at least could look in the mirror and do something to his behaviour, Akira thought with a deep sigh. He stopped to think when was the last time he had been sighing as often as at this evening. Maybe when Huriye had got seriously sick…

"I regret to interfere your flashy welcoming ceremonies, but could you now explain Celé the basics of babysitting something that he can't use violence to handle. And then you could pack yourself in the cab that brought our charming vampire gentleman there", a familiar female voice with mockingly purring tone mentioned a bit impatiently.

Akira saw how Celémenta grimaced briefly and assumed that a message with same kind of information was sent to his mini phone that seemed to be pierced in his pointy ear.

"What happened to Nanher?" Akira asked without being really interested. He would not actually mourn longer than a minute if the teen had been run over by a truck. He most probably would have to use every bit of his self-discipline not to dance out of sheer joy.

Smythella informed them that the boy had went to spend his coffee break of half an hour in the nearest bar he could find and that they should not expect him back in ten hours. Akira thought bitterly that the only reason the teenager was still employed was because their bosslady had taken a liking to that lithe body and innocent face. For the sovereign ruler of the city's underworld she truly could be a big softie sometimes.

"Will they even let a brat like him inside?" Celémenta asked incredulously. "Or not throw him out when they realize that he will just seduce their bartender to get free drinks and not actually buy anything?"

"He'll probably choose a bar he has not been yet", Smythella laughed.

"Well, excuse me, but could you let me enter the house before it's midnight? This conversation ceased to be entertaining a long time ago", Celémenta suddenly ordered.

Akira blinked surprised and realized that Celémenta was standing near him and looking very unhappy. The chauffeur was still standing beside his polished black car and Akira could swear he had seen the man giving him dark looks from under his stylish hat.

"Yes, come inside. There's the kitchen… the living room… Huriye's room… my room (do not go there)… The first aid kit is in the kitchen, under the sink. Be sure that Huriye takes a nap at two o'clock and told her to go to sleep at seven o'clock. I think that was everything you must know."

Akira frowned when he saw the vampire looking at his apartment. After a moment of silence the man dropped his bag at the floor and a brief amused smile passed his thin lips.

"Nice, even if the last one was fairly bigger. And where's the little lady herself?"

"Probably hiding somewhere. I hope you understand that she is very shy and quiet and don't want to bother others with her problems. So you must not leave her alone even if it seems that she is okay. In other words don't go outside this house before I come back." If you dare to leave her on her own and go to party or something, I swear I will kill you slowly!

"Yes yes. Can you now begin to search for her, so I could even see her once before she's totally at my responsibility?"

"Dad." The quiet voice came from a very young girl who had brown, curly hair and child-like round face. She had a furry, stuffed lion in her arms.

Akira smiled to his daughter and knelt to hug her.

"Good evening, Huriye. This is your new babysitter, Celé. He will look after you tonight. Be a good girl while I'm at work, will you?"


"Touching. Now get going, please. You're going to be late", Smythella's voice snapped.

"I intend to hang up now, if you don't mind." Bitch. Akira gritted his teeth in annoyance and gave a last hug to his daughter. "Be a good girl", he whispered in her ear before releasing her and giving Celémenta a warning glare.

"I'll be going now, Celé. See you later."

"Most probably, curly-head."

The vampire's last words and his daughter's innocent eyes kept playing in his head while he shut the door behind himself and walked to the waiting cab.


Unimportant words from the author:

This one-shot is a short piece of a longer story called 'Demons'. I haven't written the longer story completely yet and don't think I ever will. Maybe when I have more experience and skills at writing I will return to it, but right now I will drown myself into a half serious works like Last Summer Before Life and PoisonGift (the latter more a world for my stories than a story itself, I'm currently working on a story about it).

There might be a second chapter. It all depends on my merciless arch nemesis, Real Life. If he lets me have a moments peace between our battles, I will see if I can translate the rest of this part of Demons.