(december 26, 2005.)

-only beautiful girls are whores-
taunted whispered SCREAMED (her words fucking
b r o k e her & s.he didn't even care) into
sobbing bleeding UGLY little Bitch collapsed against the
wall her head buried in shakingshaking hands scarred (so-tragically)
with past regret & pain that just.won't.wash.away (-like the filth inside her-)
-this is where i really belong- s.he whispers whispers
cries like the pathetic little thing she is Wants to be fucking held
but no one grants the wishes of ugly little girls, someone tells her. poke
her with the sharp edge of her past & see how loud you can make her
SCREAM. laugh & laugh laugh laugh laugh until you c r y & cruelty
drips from your eyes Disgusting Little Whore you scream she beats her fists
against the window slits her wrist with the glass & yells Am I Beautiful Now Am I Good
Enough For YOU—someone answers no & she smashes her hand open
to the bone scars spill from her eyes she's collapsing imploding she can't handle
the truth someone sneers & they all laugh harder--
--you'll NEVER be good enough you little Bitch someone is kind enough to
explain. (they just want to teach her make her understand is that so hard to believe accept)
only beautiful girls are whores - -and she's beautiful she's a whore
shouts the demon clawing in her stomach she shouts with pain but not
because he's hurting her the words are more painful than anything else she feels
she's not a whore she's not a slut she's just BEAUTIFUL whimpers whispers no one can tell the difference anymore
only. beautiful. girls. get. fucked—no take away the memory erase the pain
she screams screams smashing her heart against their taunting hating sneering (glass) eyes
& watching as it breaks even more they pick up the pieces & throw them at her reminding
her of the friday it all came undone her perfectly constructed denial that came falling apart when
she was sitting right next to her & announced that she was fucking him that night
but it won't be the first time & it won't be the last someone tastes her against their lips
only beautiful girls
only beautiful
girls beautiful only
girls only beautiful
only girls beautiful
beautiful only girls
only girls
girls only
girls beautiful
beautiful girls
only beautiful girls
only ONLY--
-only beautiful girls are whores-