The alarm blared loudly into the cold, dark, and stormy night. The roar of thunder, startling flashes of unpredictable lightning, lights and sirens, bright and loud. Through all this I ran. I ran for my life. I ran for my freedom, and I ran for my family, my friends, and who knew me, I ran. The bars of my dark, prison cell door, and windows, the cold bricks of the two walls on either side, cutting me off from all humanity, none of this could conceal me any longer. I climbed the tall fence that held me within the boundaries of that horrible prison. My bare hands and feet bled as the razor sharp metal of the fence sliced into my flesh. As I jumped over the top the metal sliced my leg open. I landed on my feet and continued to stumble toward my small boat off the coast of what was once called "No Escape Isle", leaving a trail of blood as I did so.

As I continued to paddle away, the light and sirens soon began to fade into the dark night behind me. With nothing except the torn and withered clothing on my back and the heavy basket containing my few belongings, I paddled into the night. I had no idea of where I was, or where to go. I looked down at myself. "Oh, Jakop, how did it end up like this?" I asked myself. From my long, dark, tangled hair, my faded and dirty shirt, to my cold bare, now dried blood encrusted feet, I was wet, cold, exhausted and hungry. I continued to paddle late into the night until I approached a small island. From what I could tell, it appeared to be abandoned, but as I grew nearer, a building came into view. It had a giant red staircase in front of it, of likes I had never before seen. Unaware of the sharp rocks now beneath me, my boat crashed on the shore. I barley managed to savage my belongings as it sunk rapidly to the bottom. I cautiously walked up shore, carrying my basket on my head. As I walked closer, I came to notice the building that I had seen was old and crumbling, but what more, and old man, with a black top hat and a broken leg was climbing the great stair case. His long overcoat covering most all of him, he refused to look at me, yet, it was as if he was starring at me the entire time, depicting every detail of my movements, studying my very inner soul. I slowly staggered my way onto the island, dragging myself off the jagged rocks, and onto the cold patch of dirt where I lay my head on top of my basket, allowing my arms to spread out and feel the rather short grass, which I now felt was my first sign of freedom after so many years. I then passed out peacefully.