When I awoke I slowly came to realize the old man with the lame leg was staring down at me as I lay on the rocks. Standing next to him was a young boy with a red baseball cap and rugged jeans. His black t-shirt was long and his eyes the color of the ash that surrounded me. The expression on his face was no different than his clothing: beat, worn, and old. The old man was the first to speak. "What is your name, young man?" He demanded in a loud, booming voice.

"I'm, I'm Jakop." I responded quietly, stuttering.

"What?" He asked as if he hadn't heard me. I could barely hear myself.

"Jakop." I responded again, a little louder this time, not allowing myself to studded the two syllables I was stripped of in prison. Prisoner 8406295 was what I was referred by, or just my last name as the other men had spat it, "Willingest".

"Well, Jakop," He said, his voice showing no amount of kindness, "what are you doing on my island?"

"Please sir," I pleaded, as if begging for my life, "I mean no hard. I have traveled a long way, and upon my descent of this place, my small boat crashed on the rocks."

The man starred deep into my eyes, as if reading my very thoughts and soul.

"Grandpa," the young boy began, as to break the uncomfortable silence,"I'm sure he he will be of no trouble." He said as if defending both me and what I had said. The look the man gave me cause a cold shiver to run down my spine. His face then softened a little.

"How do I know you speak the truth?" he asked still staring down at me. "There are but two other people living on this island, and very little food. How do I know you will neither harm us, or our home?"

"You don't, sir, but please, allow me to stay for a few days, just long enough to repair my boat. I will cause no intrusion upon your home."

The old man continued to stare down at me for another moment, but then offered me his hand. He helped me up from the rocks I lay on and then showed me around. The island seemed to be bigger than it was. He explained to me the crumbling building and red staircase. "This used to be my father's. It was once the capital of our great little island. It was exactly twenty years ago from today that the great assault on our island began.