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A New Perspective

A night out

"I'm not wearing them," Toshiro stated, looking at the clothes Keith had just bought him in distaste. Keith looked slightly hurt.

"Aww, come on, Shiro-kun. Just try them on? For me? You might like them."

"No." Keith sighed. He had picked the clothes out earlier that day, knowing that Toshiro would object to them but also knowing that he would look great if he did give in. However, Toshiro didn't look like he would give in any time soon.

"Please? If you don't like them you don't have to wear them again."

"Fine." Toshiro gave in suddenly. He didn't mind that much really. With his shoulders slumped in mock defeat, he went to the bedroom to change.

"Are you happy now?" Toshiro asked on his return. The clothes weren't actually as bad as he'd thought, although they would take some getting used to. He was now wearing a black cropped top, a black leather skirt and knee-high boots, luckily without heels, along with his usual collar. It was the skirt Toshiro objected most to. It made him look like a girl. However, it was worth it to see the look on Keith's face. He had a strange carefully neutral look which Toshiro knew meant that he was either very bored or very turned on. At the moment, he would guess the latter.

"Wow," Keith breathed slowly, getting up and walking towards Toshiro. Eventually he was standing right up against him, close enough to whisper in his ear.

"You look so fuckable right now." Toshiro guessed that this was a good thing, and shivered in anticipation. However, Keith had other plans. "Let's go out tonight." Toshiro turned to face him.


"C'mon, Mei-chan's over at her friend's. I know a bar we can go to. We can meet some old friends of mine. I've told you about them before, and now's a good time to meet them. It can't be good to be cooped up in here outside working hours." Toshiro looked doubtful.

"We'll be back by midnight," Keith promised. Grudgingly, the other man nodded.

"OK. I'd better get changed then." His lover grinned.

"No you don't. I'll get changed, you're dressed just right." Toshiro's eyes widened slightly, but Keith was already moving towards the bedroom.

"Wait here; I'll be out in a bit."

Toshiro looked around the dimly-lit room apprehensively. He had never been in a place quite like the one he was now in, and so he tried to notice as much as he could. There was a bar on the right as he and Keith walked in, with tables and chairs in front of it, and benches against the walls. On the left there was the usual assortment of pool tables and poker games around further away tables. However, what marked this place apart from any other bar was the people who were there. As Toshiro looked around, he saw many people like himself, wearing collars, and some cross-dressing as he was. The clients were predominantly male, with a few females. Of those females, most seemed to be with a man, although some were with other girls. Slightly confused, Toshiro followed Keith over to the bar and was about to sit down when Keith motioned for him to stand. So that was it. Looking around again, Toshiro noticed that with each collared person, there was another who seemed to control them. Their 'Masters'. Suddenly, Toshiro heard someone mention Keith's name. Turning, he saw an orange-haired man making his way towards them, with a big dark-haired man behind him. Maybe these were the friends that Keith had mentioned. His thoughts were confirmed when Keith got up and went to hug the shorter orange-haired man.

"Fox! Bear!" he smiled, greeting them both. Obediently, Toshiro stood behind his lover and waited to be introduced. He didn't have to wait long.

"Hey, Shiro-kun. This is Fox," Keith pointed to the orange-haired man. Toshiro thought that he looked like a fox, with his bright hair and lithe body. "And this is Bear," Keith continued, motioning to the big man standing behind Fox. Bear definitely suited the man. He was huge, over a foot taller than Toshiro, and covered in thick body hair. Apart from his collar, he wore some camouflage trousers and large, black boots. He looked pretty intimidating, and Toshiro moved slightly backwards. He saw Keith smiling at him, and smiled back nervously.

"Hey, Shiro." Fox spoke directly to Toshiro, which seemed unusual, but the Japanese man kept quiet. "Why don't you go talk to Bear, eh? Keith and I've got some catching up to do." Keith smiled.

"Hey, he still does those 'talks'?" Fox nodded, smiling as well.

"Of course. Someone has to look after the people around here." Keith turned to Toshiro.

"Go on, neko-chan. Bear's OK really. I'll be waiting when you get back." Toshiro's apprehension increased. Was this some kind of initiation test? What was this 'talk'? Nervously, he followed the big man to a small area outside where there were people smoking.

"Alright, Kid?" Toshiro was surprised by the question in the bigger man's deep voice.

"I guess so…" he stuttered awkwardly. Bear smiled.

"Hey, it's OK kid. I', not going to hurt you. In fact, I'm here to do the opposite. Keith knows that, or else he wouldn't let you come with me." Toshiro relaxed slightly.

"How does Keith know you?" he asked tentatively, "'cause he's told me about you, but never said how he met you." Bear blinked slowly before replying.

"It's not my place to say. You'll have to ask Keith. What I will tell you is that this talk is just to check that you're OK. I don't like abusive Masters. It's just a tradition now. I know Keith wouldn't hurt you." Toshiro smiled, but he was troubled by these words. What was Keith hiding? Suddenly, Bear changed the subject.

"Hey, have you used that cage we got you yet?" Toshiro looked up.

"You got us that? Keith just came in with it one day and put it in out room, in the corner. He just blushed when I asked him about it. We haven't...used it yet." Bear laughed, a deep, friendly sound.

"That's Keith all right. Yeah, Fox and I got it for you. Just in case you wanted to try it out. Just in case Keith wanted…never mind." The big man stopped talking abruptly, as if he was just about to reveal too much. "Anyway, you're all right. We can go back now." Puzzled, Toshiro followed him back in.

"Oh, yeah," Bear muttered, "never start smoking. It's bad for you."

After a bit of small talk between the four, mostly Keith and Fox, Fox and Bear decided to mingle, and set off into the crush of people that had formed. Absently patting Toshiro on the head, Keith walked back to the bar and called over the bartender. Forgetting his questions about Keith's past temporarily, Toshiro was content to listen to other patrons of the bar as the talked to Keith. Every now and again he caught the eye of their slave, and smiled at them. Usually, they smiled back.