Fox and Bear (nicknames) – Old friends of Keith. You will find out more about them in both 'Chained to the Past' and 'Diary'. They consider Keith as something of a little brother. They also consider it their duty to keep an eye on people, although this is a completely unofficial capacity.

Yes, Fox and Bear did give Keith the cage, and as Toshiro says, they haven't used it yet. They might not. Keith has an aversion to bondage caused by past hurt (as above, you'll find out more about it later).

The club mentioned does not exist. As we have never been to anything like it, the place is based completely on other fiction we have read and so may have huge inaccuracies. Hopefully not, though.

The last chaptery bit is quite short 'cause we just want to get on with the rest of the stories. It's not really that important, really, but this story needed to finish. Apologies if it isn't very good; it was written in small chunks late at night. We might improve it at a later date.

Why is Toshiro cross-dressing? Well, when we went to Thorpe Park there was this karaoke machine which filmed people's heads and put them on model's bodies. While watching it, I happened to think 'What would Toshiro look like dressed like that?' And so you have it. Personally, I think he would look very cute. Keith thinks so too.

Anyway, next you will get some info on Keith's past. Beware for updates coming in fits and starts (as usual) because real life keeps getting in the way. However, since the stories are mostly written, it shouldn't take too long.

Why is there an extra 'chapter' for these notes? It seemed like a good idea. If you have any questions that you think should be answered already, just tell us and we'll answer them here. Mata!