And I don't know where this anger comes from

Maybe it's just because my life is


It's been since the very beginning

I should have never fallen in love with you

I should have ran before you got me with those hazel eyes

And if I could take everything back now I would

Cause I can't take this pain again

Knowing I'll never have what I've lost

And you know what I hope

I hope every time you hear "Lips of an angel"

It makes your heart stop and stutter like it does mine

I know I have no right no scream and rant

As others do when they right their breakup odes

Which makes this harder knowing

You were perfect (damn you and your perfection)

And I lost you and you know what

Maybe you never loved me but


I loved you

Scratch that I LOVE YOU

And guess what dearest, I bet you money

I don't have, that I will never get over you

Here's to the painful days to come

Here's to the broken heart that will never get over the perfect boy

Here's to never letting anyone in my heart ever again

Come on cheers to the loveless girl

Because dear in the end I was only your hedonist (your nympho) wasn't I?

And now I'm dead so it really doesn't matter

I just hope one day God has the kindness to put me out of my misery

Be it car crash, burnt alive, murdered, or tortured slowly until death

Nothing can be more intense than this pain I have living w/ out you'


And I hope you know that when you attend the funeral

Because sure as hell my friends will know

What cause I died for, the perfect boy that never loved the clingy-broken girl

And yes I will admit I'm fucked up but you are too

You'll just never show it, you fear just like I, angel

But God forbid the girl that never judged you once knows that!

You don't know how much I want to hate you

To find some reason not to love you but there is none

Except the anger at myself that I'm reflecting on you

I'm sorry that I love you so much

That I hate that you're doing this to me

I guess it's true what they say

"Never make someone your everything because when they're gone you've got nothing"

And that's exactly what I have NOTHING!

Katie, 2006