How To Save A Life

What if there was a book titled "How to Save a Life",
Filled with rape, abortions, and suicide.
What if you were faced with a choice, to live or die,
To save a life, or try one more time.
Millions of teens die everyday,
Just because someone didn't know what to say.
A sexually abused teenage girl, so confused about her world.
With slices of red seeping through her shirt,
How to save her life without getting her hurt.
Or that teenage boy, depressed and alone.
Not sure where to call his home.
No parents to care for them everyday.
To save a life,
And show them the way.
Just by simply showing you care,
To save a life by being there.
What if a few simple words,
Could change her day?
What if that night he didn't run away.
To save a life,
If you only knew,
You've saved my life a time or two.