You tried to tame a moonbeam,

To harness a star.

You tried to grab hold of the ocean

And learned only how to fall.


Such a winged beauty, that stallion—

A steed for the gods.

But you are no god, boy.

Do you now know what a fool you were?


The family of Olympus is not trustworthy.

They are capricious and care only for themselves.

It may have appeared she wanted to help you,

But for Wisdom it was always a game.


Do not accept the aid they give.

That horse was never for you.

You tried to tame a moonbeam

But Selene and her children were always above you.


Believe as you will, say what you like,

But I know the truth.

You hobble down the streets, broken for your pride,

And the moonbeam you tried to claim is wheeling across the sky.