Chapter Three

It came nearly a week after the first. When Dax had let her guard down. She had thought, or rather, hoped, that the illusions had stopped. Maybe someone had changed their mind about committing the murder… or they just hadn't changed any of their plans… That was a bone-chilling thought, but it could be the truth. She didn't want to believe the latter, but she'd had enough of these visions to know that the future isn't set in stone. It could change with a thought on a pure whim… No, her visions couldn't be trusted… or at least to the extent that everything she saw would come to pass. Half the things she saw never even happen.

However, the grisly fact remained… someone was planning murder, and the scene of the crime would be the landing between the second and third floors, the one with the stained glass window… an eerie thought.

Outside, the storm was raging. With each burst of lightening, you could see the raindrops on the window, sliding down, chasing one another, until a larger drop fell into their midst, thus scattering the group to all directions. The metallic scent of blood was in the air.

A crack of thunder, a burst of lightening. The flash of light illuminated the landing, where a dark figure lay; face down, with a rusty sword lodged in his back. Yes, it was a boy, definitely a boy… At his side was crouched a small figure. From the back, it seemed to be a small girl. About seven, perhaps. She bent her head as she reached toward a puddle of blood.

"No!!!" cried a distant voice.

The girl straightened and turned. It was no girl, it was an…