He pulled back from me, black-rimmed eyes wide in shock. "What did you do that for?" His mouth is hanging slightly open; I can see the fear in his eyes.

"I wanted to know what you taste like." My eyes linger on his lips

I wanna go back for the kill

His pupils shrink, and he blinks those long black lashes, each covered with the perfect amount of mascara. "But you shouldn't have. You know about me and Jess." His thin face turns pink.

"I don't care about Jess. You know that." My eyes find their way into his, two pools of grey/green/blue, waiting to blend together.

I need those eyes to be mine.

"But…" I collide my lips into his again. He sinks into his bed, absorbed in the moment.

The taste… so sweet.

"Stop…" he demands. It takes him ten minutes, but he's learned to resist me. Damn it.

I back away, slowly.

"I don't want you to leave me, but this is wrong… it's the wrong time…" The sorrow in his eyes is clear.

He turns bitter fast.

"Fine," I sigh. "One last kiss…" I go to move back in, but he rushes towards me.

Trickle goes the blood…

He falls; I laugh, "…might just kill you."