and the moon fell into the sun
and the stars collapsed
(and you came back to save me)

everything blew up;
we were the only two alive

you came back to keep me from falling.
your courageous love for me kept me from dying

(I hate you)

There was death everywhere. It was all around, in the trees, in the leaves, in the wide-open fields. It was unstoppable. The force of the death was immortal. It killed everything in its path. It killed the trees, the leaves, the wide-open fields. They were all dead. The faeries lost their dust, the butterflies wings froze. There was nothing left but a cold, sinking, death.

our meeting was a meeting of chance.
a chance we had to take.

They knew nothing could be done to stop the death. I t would eat them alive before they could escape. They followed the fresh green grass, but it too was blackened in patches. The more they ran from the death, the more they found. Finally, they surrendered.

in the december night, we fell in love. at least,
that's what we tell people.

And then, we were no more. Where we once lay, there was nothingness. It was over. We were doneā€¦ we had hoped.

the air was crisp the birds were flying some place warm. for us, there was never warmth. it was always cold, and we were always

It wasn't over; we were wrong. The death had only taken us prisoner; we would never be allowed to die.

as we held hands, he whispered to me,
"don't let us die...ever"

We were bound to the sun in chains, but we'd been frozen far too long to feel the pain. All we felt was a pulsating anger, trying to cut into us, but our icy shells were far too thick.

"i won't," i replied. we knew there was only one thing we could do to save ourselves:
we had to freeze.

he took my hand and pressed my palm to his own. "this day, we do not suffer in vain."

being frozen was joyous. people thought we were dead, but really,
we were the only ones left feeling.

"Of course not," I replied. "Your heart in my hands, my heart in yours, we will never end." His eyes flashed grey, but settled on silver. "I speak the truth". He nodded in agreement with me.

the freezing was the hardest part, but we managed. its rewards were what kept us moving. we waited for the day when we couldn't feel a prick,
when we couldn't bleed anything but