I know I can't give up on

Something that hasn't even started.

I know my heart hasn't been whole

And I can't say I'm broken hearted.

So why is my chest a void

Absent of some blinding force so strong?

I've lost faith in something

I don't know if I've ever felt all along.

My heart calls out in a pattern

A song of rhythmic beats that tell of old and new

Why hasn't someone sung back,

And what different things could I do?

Make me believe in soul-mates

Convince me there's someone there for me.

Tell me, with no doubt, that love is real

Help me to finally see…

I don't understand why I'm tearing from the inside

I don't know the feeling ripping through my chest

The longing that rises in my stomach

The lump rising in my throat won't rest.

Show me that you love me

Show me that you care

Come to me and hold me close

When all I need is you there.

Show me that my heart still beats

And that it still thunders through that song

Show me, that even if it's not your song it matches,

That my heart won't always be wrong.

Show me that hope will always exist

Even when it seems so far from our grasp.

Show me that someone loves me

That someone will lead me from this trap.

Show me through your actions

That you were made for me.

Help me realize all this waiting will count for something

Send me on a ride that makes it difficult to breathe.

Give me all of your heart

Your soul, mind, and body too.

That's all I hope to ask for,

And all that I can give you.

Show me that there's someone out there

Who wants to soak up all my pain.

Show me that someone will save my drowning heart

When too many tears fall down like rain.

Make me believe in soul-mates.

Prove that fairy tales come true.

Force me to see love in its every aspect…

"That's all I ask of you."

A/N: Written at almost five in the morning. Passion fueled; that's how I work. This is by no means my first story on this site; it is, however, my first story on this account (I decided to start anew). Reviews would be appreciated, thanks!!