He only yells in anger
To cover up his pain.
The only reason thunder booms
Is to cover up the rain.

The only reason the rooster crows
Is to bring in the new day.
The widow only watches in silence
Because words aren't enough to say.

The only reason beauty counts
Is because that's what we see first.
The only reason we fear bad things
Is because we expect them to get worse.

The only reason the rain falls down
Is to wash away our wrongs.
The only reason birds call
Is to teach us all their songs.

We only strive for beauty
To cover up what's inside.
The only reason that is easy
Is because our true selves are so willing to hide.

We only need a hero
Because we are afraid of ourselves.
We only keep our old things
So they don't end up on others' shelves.

We're only truly happy
When we feel in love.
We only think in love we are
Because, suddenly everything's enough.

The only reason we point and tease
Is to make ourselves feel good.
We only strive to push everyone out
Instead of helping them up, like we should

We only define "good" and "evil"
To make things easy to understand.
We always tease the innocent
But knowledge isn't really that grand.

We only ignore each others' minds
Because it's easier to see faces.
We only judge our ancestors
Because it's easier to see races.

The only reason I wrote this poem
Is not to point out flaws,
We only learn from our mistakes
So we can knock down more confining walls.

We only overlook our flaws
Because they are hardest to see.
We hate to see ourselves wrong
Which makes it worse, times three.

We only write poems
To point out the important things.
So hear me now and listen well.
And let the good things grow their wings.

A/N: Those first four lines kept bouncing around in my head, and then I had them as my Myspace headline and a friend of mine asked me to continue it; here you go. Different than my usual lovesick fantasies. BOY did that sound wrong. But you know what I mean. Once again, reviews would be mucho grande appreciated.