The Invisible Cord:

The problem was that it had all felt so real. He had been real, she had been real, even the invisible cord.

Never mind that it was invisible.

But when the things that seemed real ceased to exist, the world seemed to spin on a different tilt. He had started to go blurry, while she struggled to see the things right infront of her.

And the invisible cord? Snapped, the tension springing out to hit the two of them, forever scarred by the same silly piece of string.

They had been friends, life long friends, siblings separated at birth. They had shared everything, memories, secrets, crushes, embarrassing moments. Everything. Laughs, good days, bad days, scars.

It was him&her, never just him, and never just her. He was never without her, and she was always by his side. She was the right hand, he was the left. She was the fork, he was the spoon. Barbie and Ken? Maybe. Siamese twins? Definitely.

He knew her inside out, like no one else did. He knew what she was thinking, he knew what she wanted. She let him tell her, because she trusted him, partly because it was easier.

Each moment that they spent together was a story in itself, their friendship built on the solid foundations of knowledge, trust and sincerity.

Perfection? Almost.

From being friends, moving up that one level, changes were bound to happen.

There were the cycles between them. Like the seasons, summer turned to autumn, to winter, to spring, and inevitably back to summer. It was their winters that killed them. Every time, coming back to the same place.

She couldn't do it. It was all too cold in the winter. And just like the trees looked dead, bare branches, almost shivering in the snow, they too looked dead, if only for that moment.

But then the sun would shine, spring breathing life into them again, and the returned summer equalling perfection.

Confusion ruled her throughout the seasons, as they changed, some going quicker than others, and some carrying on into some infinite measure of time. In winters, it felt so much easier to just let it die, rather than trying to resurrect the seemingly dead. But at the back of her mind, she knew that the summers would always come around.

And they were what she lived for. And so did he.

Despite the winters, they collected words and phrases in their hearts, the ones that let them know that things would be ok. Much like a squirrel stored up chestnuts for the winter, they stored these things to get them through, even if it was difficult.

The poems and letters, "I love you"s and mixtapes were what it took to bring them around into the summers again. They were filed amongst her thoughts, set aside for easy access. Goodness knows that she needed them all the time.

And so they said always and forever, no matter what.

But how long was always and forever? How long could it really last?

Not even one whole year it seemed. Three hundred and sixty one days.

It seemed pathetic. From meaning the world, to meaning the universe.

And then suddenly nothing. Emptiness.

Someway through last winter, something just snapped inside of her. And she couldn't go on. She gave up, let go of everything that anything had ever meant.

She fell, hard, hitting the ground, nothing to catch her.

He used to catch her. But once she snapped...

Days went by and they struggled to survive, separately, the roaring snowstorms of winter threatening to overwhelm them, the freezing cold chilling them to their hearts.

Every sight and sound seemed to remind her of him, a turtle, anything blue, her doorbell or the crunch of leaves under her feet in the autumn. Each and every aspect of her life, connected to him in an intricate pattern, strands of thread linking her to everything, and everything to him, thus, her to him.

Would she ever be free?

Each day repeated, merging into one another, and she struggled to see the every day things clearly.

And she never saw him struggling through the pain, the pain that she had caused. She never saw him at all.

And as he lost his focus, his vision began to blur. She was all that he had every known, and then she had just pulled that away from him.

And he was lost.

And she was lost.

They were lost together, but neither realised it.

Until one day, time stopped, and the seasons stopped, and life stopped.

And she was just her.

And he was just him.

Their interwoven threads of life, ceased to exist, and while the world moved on without them, they fell back on the past, fell back into the void of nothingness that had once meant the world.

And the invisible cord?

It melted into the shadows, it's imperceptible nature forcing it to break with the strains of time.

The invisible cord.

It was never made to hold such a strong and powerful emotion.

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