She opened her eyes and I gasped; that beautiful jade-green piercing into my own, although hidden behind glasses. She had awoken, finally. Encased behind glass and surrounded by water infused with the healing properties of certain elements, she had an oxygen mask attached to her mouth and she was breathing deeply, although the breaths were becoming shallower as she awoke from the unconsciousness that she'd been in for nearly sixteen years. Ever since the day she was born... No, created. Her body, clad only in a bathing suit for modesty, twitched as it became more animated, her arm reaching out and fingers pressing up against the glass. I rose my own to meet hers through the tank that separated us. Soon, she would be strong enough to leave what had been her home her whole life and she would serve her purpose. Her head turned and her eyes focused upon her most beautiful feature, her wings. They stretched out gloriously behind her and she raised them further, bringing them down around her shoulders and enclosing herself in her wingspan.

"She's beautiful..." I whispered. My breath fogged up against the glass as the warmth met the cool surface. It faded as I stepped back, smiling. I turned to see my only colleague left in this project standing there, a more horrified awe etched on her face, a clipboard forgotten in her hands.

"What did we do?" She murmured, the board clattering to the tile floor, echoing throughout the room. Our angel twitched, her head rising slightly at the noise. She fell to her knees next to the fallen object and quickly made the sign of a cross upon her chest, "Oh dear God... Please forgive us."

My eyes narrowed and I rushed over, grasping her wrist and yanking her to her feet, "Don't you DARE get religious on me now, Alyssa! God has been working with us this whole time, don't you see?! Do not become like those goons that worked with us in the beginning. He is with us now; He smiles upon us now as Eve awakens! Finally, this war can be over! Eve will bring everyone to their knees and stop the killing! Don't you see this?!"

Alyssa's eyes glared heavily into mine as she stood, thrusting the clipboard against my chest, "This is not God's work. God's work does not require human sacrifice, no matter what the end result! I can't believe I didn't see this until now. We've condemned ourselves, Adam! We need to destroy her!" A dark look came over her eyes and she shoved past me toward the controls regulating Eve's tank. The large red button seemed to glow in her eyes as she reached out for it. Abort was a final precaution, in case our work was discovered before Eve was released. It would destroy everything, the lab, the research, and especially Eve.

I rushed toward her before she could press down on the button, the protective plastic covering flipped back, leaving the fatal control open to everyone and everything. I grabbed her arm and flung her back, snapping it shut once more. She lost her balance and fell back, sitting up quickly and staring at me in horror.

"I will not let you destroy God's masterpiece." I hissed.

Alyssa shook her head, climbing to her feet, "Not God's masterpiece... The devil's."

Just then, the tank exploded and we both ducked, becoming showered in glass as the liquid splashed onto the floor, soaking our feet and spreading a wave that pushed back everything on the tile. We recovered quickly and found Eve standing in what used to be her tank, her chest heaving, hair plastered down her face and shoulders, obscuring a look at her eyes.

"Is she mad?!" Alyssa cried, eyes filled with fear. I shook my head.

"She wanted out." I smiled, walking toward my angel, "Eve, come. We shall end this war together."

Alyssa screamed as I was suddenly thrown across the room, slamming against a shelf that had been holding many empty beakers. The glass shattered and dug into my back as I grimaced in pain, crying out when I slid down onto the floor. My back was undoubtedly broken, but the pain was quickly fading away. I was paralyzed. Alyssa ran toward me, nearly slipping on the wet floor. She kneeled beside me, cradling my head in her hands.

"You angered her." I coughed. Alyssa shook her head sadly, a tear slipping down her cheek as she lay me back down. She stood up to face Eve, who was now watching us curiously, a soft smile on her face. Alyssa cursed and grabbed the pistol from her belt that we'd been carrying since the beginning of this project and aimed.

"No!" I managed to shriek, painfully, but it was too late. She fired and time seemed to slow; I swore I could see the bullet as it flew through the air. Suddenly, faster than any human could ever move, Eve was behind Alyssa in a blur. She'd successfully avoided what might have killed her. Before Alyssa could react, Eve reached out and quickly snapped her neck, killing her effortlessly. Without even a glance toward me, she walked to the doorway, entering the code that let us in and out. She turned to me and bowed her head before she exited, the door sliding shut behind her. She'd been watching us, memorizing things this whole time.

My vision slipped into near tunnel-like and I knew I was dying. Closing my eyes, I let the darkness consume me. I was ready to meet the God I had so obviously angered. Eve was going to end this war, alright. But at what cost?