My life is a puzzle

With no end in sight

It haunts my dreams

In the depths of the night

I have problems expressing

The emotions that I feel

I try to ignore them

Pretend they're not real

But when I'm alone

In my room or in the car

The tears fall freely

As I wish upon the stars

My wishes go quietly

Into the darkness of the night

Hoping against hope

That things will be set right

That the sadness will go

Disappearing in the light

Giving me the courage

To stand up and fight

But the darkness continues

Embedding into my soul

Turning what little light left

Into nothing but a black hole

When I looked at you

Into the depths of your brown eyes

I saw true love

That you could never hide

But now your eyes are closed

Never to open again

It almost makes me feel

Like my baby was pretend.