Wearily, his body descends into bed,

As his mind succumbs to the darkness,

Abandoning all defenses and giving way to sleep.

His last waking thoughts flicker and die, and

Control of his brain is given over to subconscious,

An unpredictable place where feelings mix, dreams flourish, and chaos reigns.

He changes, he shifts. He is still the same, but

Becomes a hero, performing amazing feats and

Doing that which no other human can.

He battles long and hard, warring against evil,

Fighting to thwart those who would corrupt the world.

The enemies are clever, but so is he, and as he

Watches himself from outside the window,

The entirety of it all reflecting back into his mind,

He sees himself in triumph, becoming the victor,

Conquering the forces of evil and banishing them forever.

Then, he sees her. There she is, the one who his enemies sought to harm,

Wanted to keep away from him.

He goes to her, to be the rescuer, the defender of justice, the guardian of good.

They embrace, they are safe, and nothing can harm them;

Everything seems good.

And so it continues. The list of his amazing exploits grows,

As the two of them go together, righting wrongs,

Braving any danger, and exploring unknown worlds.

He watches carefully from the outside, relishing every detail,

Enacting every motion, capturing every feeling, storing them in his memory.

And the quest continues, as he pursues all of this,

Seeking after that which will not fulfill him, which offers no satisfaction,

Which makes him happy but does not bring him joy.

And he asks himself, "Why? Why chase after all this, when there is so much more?"

He ponders the question, offering no logical answer,

And continually indulging in that which is innocent, which is not unlawful,

But which brings him no closer to the one true light.

So it continues, slumber enveloping him even deeper,

Taking him further than he ever wished to go,

And yet he can not stop, he refuses to wake, for the dream is so enticing,

Engulfing him like an all-consuming flood.

Now, the adventures continue, the fighting begins again,

But different this time, not as it was before.

Now it is he and he alone, facing the light,

Battling against the darkness that lurks inside his soul.

He fights against his pride, the ego of the hero and his amazing feats,

Who wants attention drawn only to himself and his greatness.

He fights against his passions, the sweet and innocent time with her,

Which will quickly turn to poison inside him.

He fights against things, against that which will suck him in,

Obscure his focus, and waste his life.

He fights against himself, against the frivolous, irresponsible,

Sinful one, who has generated all this conflict and chaos,

Who has erred so much and so greatly in the past,

Who continues to pursue that which he cannot have,

That which he is not yet able to handle,

That which he knows will destroy him if he lets it.

From the outside, he observes it all,

The picture vague and blurred, as through an otherworldly portal,

Two sides warring against each other, each refusing to surrender,

Tearing his life apart.

And he wakes, a cold, sharp, sudden wakefulness

That hits him like a blow to the heart,

Shattering his adventures, his illusions, his dreams.

And as he sits up, he reflects on all that has happened,

And asks again, "Why? Why all this?"

Still, he cannot give an answer, and he does not know

Whether he wishes to or not.

But as he comes back up, subconscious loosening its grip,

Wakefulness grabbing the opportunity and taking hold of him once more,

He flees from the raging explosion of emotion inside of him,

And turns from his own desires.

He does the only thing he can do.

He turns to face the one true light, the one who created and knows his heart,

The one who sacrificed so much for him,

The one who will protect him and watch over him always.

Deep inside his soul, the darkness remains, and

Part of him does not wish to give it up.

Still, he goes toward the light, trying to trust,

Knowing that his life is already fulfilled, knowing that he has all he needs.

And he rises, to begin a new quest, a quest to serve not himself, but the light,

To make the best use out of that which he has been given,

To turn away from all that which he should not have,

And to embrace and conquer one more day of reality.