A Fighter, a Writer, and Letters from War

And she's just a writer

In love with a fighter

She'll send him sweet letters

As he marches to war

Yes she loves her Marine

But her tears can be seen

As her words softly ask

What this fighting is for

He says, "Babe I don't know

But I still have to go"

And he dons his blue suit

That's complete with white gloves

Then a long kiss goodbye

And it's off with a sigh

'Til he's comes home again

To the girl that he loves

And he's just a fighter

In love with a writer

He reads her dear letters

As she prays he'll return

He loves his girl poet

And hopes that she'll know it

From the letters he sends

On his distant sojourn

She reads, "Girl, I miss you,

I'd sure like to kiss you

And I'm counting the days

'Til I'm back in your eyes"

And she wipes back a tear

'Cause when he isn't there

The world seems so lonely

Beneath dark, empty skies

And she's just a writer

And he's still a fighter

Until the sweet day that

He lays down his white gloves

When he comes home again

Then she'll lay down her pen

In exchange for the arms

Of the man that she loves