An Arsenal of Insanity

I was sent here to collect a weapon, but who knew we would need the expertise of an insane person! I stood slightly dazed at the rusty gates of the gloomy Burrton's insane asylum. A storm was rearing in the background, and I really didn't want to be caught in it. After standing stupidly in front of the gates for several minutes I noticed an intercom box to my right. I walked over and mashed the red speaker button in.

"Hello, I'm Tony Salmon the agent come to see Mr. Stakes." There was a moment's pause before someone answered my page.

"Yes, we've been expecting you." I snide voice returned over the intercom. "Please come in!" The rusty gates swung open with a violent creak. I stepped through cautiously and slowly made my way to the old building, which looked like it came from an old horror film. I was greeted by a nurse at the front door, and asked to sign in.

"Your host is one of our high security patients so please remove all metal objects and place them in this bowl." The curt middle-aged nurse stuck out a crudely made clay bowl, which I placed my watch, keys, and change into. After I had emptied my pockets the nurse gave me a grim smile. "Right this way!" I was lead down three old hallways to an ancient elevator. "He's on the underground level. That's where all cases like HIM are kept." The nurse nodded me onto the elevator before getting on herself and closing the cage.

"So just why is he here?" I asked innocently.

"You mean you don't even know why he's here!?" A look of shock and a little horror stretched across her face. I shook my head.

"He used to be an honor student, his grades were top notch! Then one day for no reason he slaughtered an entire classroom of his own piers! All he said when the police asked him why he did it was. "Why not? The monster within me lives within you as well, it just decided to be honest through me." He was declared insane and sent here, but under high security risk. He's had 23 attempted escape attempts, and each time he's taken out roughly half the staff!" The woman seemed flushed over this story, and I couldn't blame her.

"Those numbers are horrendous! Why isn't this animal exterminated?!" I was now wondering what my superiors could possibly want with such a vicious creature.

"I don't know! For some reason your agency has taken a special interest in him, and won't allow us to exterminate him, lord knows he deserves it!" The elevator creaked to a stop, and the cage rattled open. "One more thing before you go down there."

"Yes?" I looked at her with a nervous curiosity, hoping that it wasn't more bad news.

"When he was brought here the doctors had him write down his feelings like they do all of our new patients. Now some of them write them out like an essay, while others write songs, Mr. Stakes wrote this poem." She handed me an aged piece of paper with a title at the top that read Morbid Heart. I read the sickening lines of the poem and as I did the insanity of this child became apparent to me.

"This man is beyond level thought! He must be a drooling mess of hatred!" I stare d at the nurse as she shook her head.

"No he's the most coherent person we have. His insanity is the worst kind. He seems perfectly sane, and recognizes his own insanity. He doesn't care that he's a nutter! He simply wastes away waiting for chances to escape, and each time he does he's only caught because he delays by killing people brutally! It's almost as if he escaped solely to kill!" The nurse nodded curtly at a small cell door. "That's his! I won't go anywhere near it! I have a family at home I need to attend to, so I take no such foolish risks!" Once I had begun my trek down the hall she pulled the cage down once again and returned to the upper level. I approached the steel door, and lifted the small rectangular flap.

"Hello I'm agent Salmon, and you must be Mr. Stakes!" I said trying to hide the fear in my voice. I stared hesitantly at the mid-sized form in the center of the room. He was wrapped in a straight jacket, and had over a dozen chains locking him to the floor. His long bleached hair bounced slightly as the figure let out a slight, but cold laugh.

"You must be the one they promised me! Please come in!" There was an electrical buzzing for about thirty seconds, and with a pop the large steel door opened. "So are you here willingly or am I going to have to force my reward out of you?" I didn't understand his innuendo, but I really didn't want to either.

"My agency sent me here with your payment for whatever you've done for them." I wasn't told anything about his services; hell I was just a currier to them! "Here I assume its something you wanted from the outside!" I tossed the small briefcase I had concealed under my coat at him. My part was done I could leave this hellhole!

"My dear would you please be so kind as to open the case for me?" The sick boy licked his lips as he said this.

"Fine!" I waltzed over to the suitcase and flipped the latches. The next thing I knew the whole building went black, and I was on my back with the pressure of a mid-sized adolescent's knees burying into my chest!

"Oh yes I got what I wanted from the outside!" He bent over my face and licked my cheek as he wrapped a chain around my throat. Now shall we have a bit of fun?" He asked as he peeled my pants off and turned me over. "Oh yes lets dear!"…


Well this is my attempt at a psychological thriller thingy. Tell me what you think, and Don't worry Projectile I'll get chapter 13 done too! Anyhow tell me what you think!