Break - broke or (Archaic) brake; broken or (Archaic) broke; breaking; noun
–verb (used with object)Def. 53.(of the heart) to be overwhelmed with sorrow: Ex.(Her heart broke when he told her that he no longer loved Unabridged (v 1.0.1)
based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

Tell me dear darling
The trespasses I have caused you
So that you could actually hate me
I never did any wrong to you
Yes, I admit I let my abnormal tendencies
To get in the way of my love for you
But give me a break, angel
I'm only one girl
With one heart
It takes time to heal
And the irony is you healed me
Then broke my heart
So now I have to go through this again
But what you didn't mention to me
Is that this broken heart hurts much more
Than the first ever could try to
I feel so empty, so desolate
My friends tell me to move on
That you weren't worth it
Such good liars they are
Everyone knows you were the best I ever had
The best I'll never get again
So now everyday when I think of you
A panic attack starts and I start shaking
I can't breathe and my heart slowly dies
I just thought you might like to know
How I'm doing
And sometimes when I'm crying
I beg God to kill me
To release me from the heart
You might think I'm lying
But this life is not the same without you
You don't know how much I want you back
What do you want?
Shall I slit my wrists, black my eyes?
I'll give anything to you
Anything I have
Do you want my life?
(Come and take it)
Do you want my heart?
(You already have it)
Do you want my blood?
(I'll bleed fatally for you)
Do you want my mind?
(This is it)
Do you want my body?
(You own me)
Do you want my love?
(That will always be yours)
Do you want my honesty?
(There's nothing more, I told you everything)
Do you want my trust?
(This is the hardest to give but it's yours)
I don't know what else you could possible want
But take it and take it now
Cause I need your hazel eyes to look at me one more time
And God what I wouldn't do for one last
"I love you"
To content my heart for just a little longer
Just until I die
The amount of time I'm going to love you

Katie, 2006